[nikonf4] Bunky update

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Yep, the remedies were a hit.
Bunky was a bit better today, and I'm hoping they'll place him in a rehab  
facility tomorrow, either at the hospital or at the Watermark on Logan  
Spine damage was extensive.  After over an hour of prep time in  the OR, 
the surgery itself lasted three hours ... Doc said it was  severe nerve 
compression on both sides of his spine from L2 down to S1.   Major problem was 
Bunky being unable to have heavy duty narcotics after the  surgery because of 
the brain damage from Lipitor.  
We'd been told the procedure was risky beforehand, but when the  
neurosurgeon came up to talk to me after it was over, he said  that having seen 
Bunky's spine, if it had been himself, he would have  risked the operation also.
These days with back surgery they usually throw you out of the  hospital 
after two nights, but they've kept Bunky five so far ... don't know how  long 
rehab will be, but they won't release him until he can climb a flight of  
stairs.  Having seen our home, you know why I've insisted upon that.  ;-)
Thanks for asking ... did I tell you how happy I am that it's finally  over?
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Thought  you might like them. 
How  is Bunky doing? 
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Hi  all,

Just  wondering if the photog system is down again, or nobody's talking.  
Have  received nothing since WOC's amazing home remedies post, some of which 
I'll  definitely use.

Bunky  had major back surgery on Wednesday, so I've not been checking in 
much.   Thought this morning would be a good time to catch up, but there's not 
much  here so thought I'd write.


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