[nikonf4] Body Paint Shoot

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 21:51:21 EST

2529 is my favorite, Mark ... love the facial expression.
The one thing I do not like on any of them is the white paint placement ... 
 my eye is drawn to what looks like a mustache, which - IMHO - lessens her  
femininity.  If that makes sense. ;-)
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mjstein63@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Ok...  here are some shots of the body paint shoot from Sat.

Not crazy about  the original paint job (her friend did it... I picked the 
face, but wanted  a solid (and more covering body) but that's what her 
friend did.   After we did the first part, I came up with a "clown in the 
rain" idea  where the makeup would smear.  The idea really worked, but she  
started running out of areas to get paint from.  She seemed to be  enjoying 
herself, but it was turning into a porn shoot so I had to call an  end to 

Still, I think it made for some interesting (possibly nice)  images.


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