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I, too, have read only an edition of the Arizona paper thus far.  The good
news is that I was able, easily, to open the html version in Kurzweil.  The
bad news -- much to my chagrin -- is that about one-third of the whole paper
is obituaries!  More to the point of reviewing in this format, however, it
was frustrating that there was no table of contents, and thus no way to find
out an overview of what was there without simply going page by page by
bloody (oops) page to see what was on each of them.  Thus, I discovered that
about 15 of the total 47 pages was obits, and that otherwise, there seemed
to be o section headings whatever.  Maybe this is a factor of the Arizona
Republic.  Maybe it is the conversion to Bookshare.  Who can tell?  I'll try
a magazine tomorrow (or one that the system is thinking is a magazine).
This is really great fun, by the way.

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After looking over the Arizona paper, I have the following comments:

I think it would be convenient if the content began on a new page, so one
does not need to search for "begin content" but instead can just use a
command for going to next page.

I have noticed that some headings are followed by a tiny bit of article and
then the writer's name.  It would be good if this formatting error could be
corrected.  The articles on D day are what gave me this idea,

Articles with similar titles or continuations of articles tend to be
scattered, which is also inconvenient.  I know printed papers are not neatly
organized, so I don't know how much alteration can be expected.

The good thing is that moving by paragraph moves through the document
roughly by article. The use of a unique character before an article title
would make navigating more dependable, though.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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