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  • Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 14:13:02 -0500

How do we get to the periodicals page once we're logged in?  I tried putting
in the periodicals link in the address bar after I logged in and got an

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> Hi All,
> We are ready for you to get started!
> Here's some instructions for what we'd like for you to try out:
> 1.  Log in to Bookshare.org
> 2.  Visit the periodicals page
> http://www.bookshare.org/web/MembersPeriodicals.html
> 3.  Search for, then download at least one newspaper and one magazine.  If
> you are
> a Braille reader, we encourage you to download both the .BRF and the DAISY
> formats
> for review.
> 4.  Unpack the periodicals, then read them in the method of your choosing.
> 5.  Repeat the search and download of the same format of the same magazine
> later
> in the week.
> 6.  Reply to this list with any bugs that you may find, your thoughts,
> comments and
> suggestions.
> Please note the following:
> The daily update of newspapers is not yet functioning, so although there
> will be
> 'new' content on a daily basis, for a few days it will be the same content
> with the
> date changed
> We hope to add a 'Sunday' or 'Weekend' edition of one of the newspapers to
> be able
> to test downloading a large file size.  We'll email the list when this is
> available.
> Thanks in advance!
> ________________________
> Peter M. Scialli, Ph.D.
> Associate, Technical Projects, Bookshare.org
> www.bookshare.org
> A Project of The Benetech Initiative - Technology Serving Humanity
> peter @benetech.org
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