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Yes, it works rather well.

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Hi Peter and Others,

I just tried something new with the newsline downloads and I thought it
worked pretty cool so I thought I'd pass it along.  I downloaded the New
York Times for today and opened it into K1000 8.01 and saved it as an
HTML file.  Then I opened the HTML file in IE and read it with JAWS 5.0.
Here's the cool part, using the JAWS insert + F6 heading list, I was
able to thoroughly navigate the newspaper by articles from the heading
level list like a table of contents.  Selecting the title of the article
I want to jump to from the heading list, I can go directly to that
article.  I also get the heading levels which helps identify the
sections from the articles.  When I Do another insert + F6 to bring up
the heading list box, I am on the article where I left, not at the top
of the very long list all over again.  JAWS also tells me how many
headings are on the list so I get an idea of how many articles might be
ahead of me.

Check it out...  You might like it too...


Jeffrey C. Senge
Information & Computer Access Program Coordinator
California State University, Fullerton
(714) 278-7253

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