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Yes  the collation order of year, month day may look odd,  but it 
guarrantees the best sorting order by date,  it ensures that the 
sequencing truly follows the publicaion date.

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[newsline-beta] Re: New Release on the Web Site

Thanks, that is better.  The order of year month day is odd, but perfectly

Am I correct that navigation in daisy files has been worked on?  I could
only navigate to section headings using control-enter on a heading from
within the global navigation treeview when I tested it with the June 7th
Arizona Republic, and USA today.  Now I tried the June 16 New York Times
because I wanted to read some of it anyway, and I found that I could get 
all headings whether section or article title.  I couldn't go back and 
the first new york Times daisy files I had because i seem to have deleted
I still think it might be nice to use the same method in daisy files as 
files to indicate section and article titles with s: and a:, and also to
include the table of contense in the daisy file, because not everyone will
use the daisy files in a daisy reader.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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> Hi All,
>     Please get testing.  There's a revision of the Newsline 
on the web site.  Check out the nicely named BKS files.
>                 Peter

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