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Just to add my experience to the mix: What I found was two selection
boxes -- 1) called "national newspapers" and containing a few editions of
the Arizona paper; and 2) a box dubbed "Magazines", which contained, The
Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.  I know that
you know that the latter three are not magazines, but rather, are national
newspapers, and that the Arizona whatever is not a national newspaper but a
daily regional.  I'm not worried!  Next step is to read some of the content.

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That is exactly what I get using IE 66.0.2900 with XP Pro sp2 and JFW 5.

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This is truly strange.  On XP,  both using IE6 and JFW 5,  or HPR,  i =
get a single materials selection combo,  containing 2 magazines and 2=20

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[newsline-beta] Re: How Many Selection boxes?

I am just reporting that I do find both the magazine and newspaper
combo-boxes on the page.  I am using JAWS version5 and Internet Explorer=20=


Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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