[newsline-beta] Re: A question I forgot regarding linking

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 13:18:44 -0700


Correct, we're having you guys give this functionality a test-drive, so
we're not making the periodicals available to everybody just yet.

So, while we are in test mode, you, the testers, need to continue using
the link Peter provided. You should be able to set a bookmark for the
link with your browser so you can navigate to it more quickly.



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> Hi again,
> Is everyone else logging in the usual way and reaching the
> The
> only way I have been able to get to the area we're testing is by using
> Peter's link from the first post.  It's tedious.  I need guidance!
> Deborah
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> Subject: [newsline-beta] general comments
> Hi all,
> Well, it's a little hard to know what to comment on since we don't
> too
> clearly which aspects of the service we're testing, but here goes
> anyway...
> 1. Downloading and unzipping files, with the Bookshare utility, has
> without a hitch.
> 2. My number one overall concern is navigating the files, both brf and
> html;
> I'm having a Daisy problem which I'll discuss later in this message.
> really really need a way to jump through the files by section and by
> article. At the very least a table of contents with numbers would be
> helpful. It might work to have one article, or section, per page.
> I
> would love to be able to download only the sections I chose, but I
> that
> this is beyond the scope of the project.
> I've spent some time reading the brf copy of the Sunday New York Times
> my
> BrailleNote. I'd been thinking that I couldn't see much advantage to
> accessing this material via computer file as opposed to over the phone
> with
> Newsline, but my opinion changed when I saw a recipe in the "food"
> and it dawned on me that with an electronic file I could copy this
> not to mention useful phone numbers, Urls, and addresses, very easily.
> do
> have a minor frustration with the brf files having to do with
> I've noticed that apostrophes are used, both in daisy and braille
> in
> place of quotation marks. I'm assuming this is probably how it is in
> paper, for whatever reason. But it causes a major minor annoyance in
> braille
> because the apostrophes are being translated as single quotes. In
> the single quotes, both opening and closing, are strings of four
> characters!
> So for every quote there are 8 characters where two should be. 8
> characters
> take up 1/4 of my braille display, so I'm *not* happy to see them.
> easy
> enough technically to perform a massive find/replace to fix this, but
> can be very slow with a huge file like the Sunday NY Times. As I say
> is
> minor, but can be extremely irritating.
> I mentioned before I'm having a problem with Daisy files, or at least
> think I am. <smile> First off, I'm using Kurzweil 6.2, a version with
> patch that supposedly allows the opening and reading of Daisy files. I
> learned that it's the .opf file I should open, but when I open them I
> don't
> get the text of the file. I get a lot of weird things like id=3D bla,
> source=3D
> bla, metadata, text=3Dbla, etc. This is true of the several files I've
> tried.
> I can open and read the html files without a problem, but not the opf
> file.
> Any ideas about what's going on and what I can do about it? Or am I
> an
> idiot in some way? <grin> Btw, I discovered that the .ncx file in the
> daisy
> mess contains the index of what's in the text, although it doesn't
> that
> this info is being used in any way within the file containing the
> text.
> Thanks,
> Kellie

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