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  • From: "Nicholas Brown" <nebrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:29:16 -0000

good work on the opening channel :) A couple of years back we opened #news
but noone really joined.... but we have many more members now. why not email
news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (main email list) and tell everyone about #newschan

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From: Michael Wenske <mwenske@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [newscomchan] Me!

> Well, i guess i'll start,
> My nick on irc is Michael, and my real name, funnily enough is also
Michael. I'm 21 years old.  I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  I've been
on ChatNet for about 2 years now.  The channels that i most frequent are
#Beginner, #Australians (My Channel) and i'm also a member (and own several
bots) on #BotsGuardians.
> I'm a manager with Toys "R" Us here in Australia, and have worked for the
company for  6 years, and 4 months, but who's counting, hehe..
> Thinks I like to do are hang around with friends, go to movies, a little
bit of clubbing, and lurvvvvve to chat on IRC.
> Can't think of anything else to write atm.  If I do, I'll be sure to let
ya know... If there's anything you want to know, please E-mail me or find me
on IRC.
> Regarding the IRC meeting place, i was thinking that we could create a
chan on iRC. I've put one of my bots in a chan that i called #NewsChan.  If
ya think this is a cool idea, join the chan, and i'll add ya to the bot.  If
not, then let me know, and I'll delete the channel.
> Well, that's all from me right now,
> Chat to ya laterz :D
> Michael.

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