[newscomchan] Me!

  • From: "Michael Wenske" <mwenske@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "NewsComChan" <newscomchan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:40:16 +1030

Well, i guess i'll start,

My nick on irc is Michael, and my real name, funnily enough is also Michael. 
I'm 21 years old.  I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  I've been on ChatNet 
for about 2 years now.  The channels that i most frequent are #Beginner, 
#Australians (My Channel) and i'm also a member (and own several bots) on 

I'm a manager with Toys "R" Us here in Australia, and have worked for the 
company for  6 years, and 4 months, but who's counting, hehe..

Thinks I like to do are hang around with friends, go to movies, a little bit of 
clubbing, and lurvvvvve to chat on IRC.

Can't think of anything else to write atm.  If I do, I'll be sure to let ya 
know... If there's anything you want to know, please E-mail me or find me on 

Regarding the IRC meeting place, i was thinking that we could create a chan on 
iRC. I've put one of my bots in a chan that i called #NewsChan.  If ya think 
this is a cool idea, join the chan, and i'll add ya to the bot.  If not, then 
let me know, and I'll delete the channel.

Well, that's all from me right now,

Chat to ya laterz :D


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