[newscomchan] Re: Check email

  • From: "Nicholas Brown" <nebrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <newscomchan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:30:34 -0000

In policy it says

Channel/User Review

This group will review popular channels and also users. We do not want
troublesome channels/users to be reviewed. This group could later be
extended to review other ChatNet features.

So, basically thats your job :)

The members of this group are


As I said before, we will open a vote in a few weeks to choose the
supervisor of each group so, for now you all have to impress each other :)

Its often quite hard to start initially, so, I suggest that you all choose a
channel or a specific user and write about them. You could work in groups if
you want (during the working of newscom you will have to in certain aspects
in order to get something finished, however, at the moment as you dont know
anyone else then it may be easier to work on your own.) I cant really
comment on the length of the article as it depends how buisy you are and
what you choose to review. Once you have completed your article then please
send it to THIS email list so the other group members can see them and when
we get the whole newscom fully running and sending messages out we send them
out (atm its like a training excersise.)

Also, you may all wana meet up on IRC to discuss certain things, if so then
id encourage it as it does help you all to get known better. It may also
help if you email this list with some information about you, your real name
(we like to refer to people by their real names as its less formal) and
other general information

Ok, I hope this covers everything,

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