US encouraging Indian aggression

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ISLAMABAD: The radar sale by the US to New Delhi would make India more 
belligerent, said Aziz Khan, spokesman of the Foreign Office, at the weekly 
briefing here on Monday He said anything that would add to the Indian arsenal 
would make it more intimidating. He said the Musharraf government and the Bush 
administration had verbal agreement under which Islamabad is cooperating in 
several areas in fighting terrorism. 

"There is cooperation between the two governments in fighting terrorism and 
this includes intelligence sharing, allowing overflights and providing bases 
for aircraft. The agreement is a verbal one and several countries have 
cooperated ", he said. However, the spokesman offered no comments when asked 
whether the future government in Pakistan, which would come to power after the 
October elections, was under any obligation to honour this verbal agreement. 

Khan said he did not have details of reports that the US government had vacated 
the bases that they were using inside Balochistan, saying he would have to 
check on the level of cooperation that the two countries were sharing at 
present. Aziz Khan did not rule out the possibility of a meeting between 
President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Srinagar. 

"Pakistan's position has been that it is ready for a meeting any time, at any 
place and any level. However, we have not received any specific proposal (from 
New Delhi)", he added. The spokesman confirmed the last week meeting between 
Chairman of the Kashmir Committee Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, and APHC members 
Omer Farooq and Abdul Ghani Lone. However, he said he did not have details of 
the meeting. 

Khan said he could not give a time-frame which would indicate how long Pakistan 
was ready to wait for New Delhi to respond to reports it had sent regarding 
matters relating to the Indus Basin Water Treaty. He said press reports in this 
regard were not accurate. "The Indus Basin Water Treaty has certain specific 
processes of consultation regarding grievances and conflicts which might arise. 
The commission meets regularly if there are any questions or doubts which might 
arise. It is only when the commission fails to meet that one moves on to the 
diplomatic level and then the tribunal", explained Khan. Khan agreed the matter 
was getting delayed and the meeting of the commission had not materialized. 

"But we hope that all questions regarding the matter including what India wants 
to do on the Chenab river will be sorted out as has been done during the past 
40 years", he said. The spokesman said the interior ministry should be 
approached on the theft of about 20,000 passports. Talking about the situation 
in Palestine, he said "Pakistan condemns Israel's aggression against the 
Palestinians. We want an immediate pull-back of Israeli troops from the 
Palestine territory." 
Source: Dawn 

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