U.S. Troops Raid Quranic Institution in Kandahar; Killing a Teacher

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Kandahar(Azzam): A combined force consisting of U.S. and Northern
Alliance troops raided a religious institution of Quranic studies in
Kandahar a few days ago. Many students were arrested along with one of
the main teachers of the institution. Eyewitness accounts have reported
that these students of Quran were being beaten and tortured
predominantly by U.S. troops. The teacher, Muhammad Raza Marwat, was
tortured barbarically and then U.S. troops opened fire on him and he was
killed instantly. May Allah accept your martyrdom O Muhammad! For your
steadfastness and patience will not be forgotten by this Ummah. 

,b>Missile Attacks on Khost Airport Kills Three Royal British Marines 

Khost(Azzam): According to reliable information received from Khost,
three missiles were fired at Khost airport on Saturday night. At least
three British soldiers were confirmed killed, whilst two of their Afghan
allied troops suffered severe injuries. Eyewitness accounts state that
there has been heightened security in the Sahara Garden region of the
airport due to previous missile attacks at the U.S. training camp
present there. However, it is believed that the Mujahideen were able to
breach this security once again in order to carry out this successful

04 June 2002 : American Suspect Arrested In FBI Raid In Karachi 

Karachi(Azzam) : Around midnight Saturday, local police and FBI jointly
raided a 3 star hotel situated on Club Road, Karachi.They arrested a US
citizen, John Christ, under suspecion of having close ties with
Sources indicate that John came to Pakistan in March 2002 on a
journalist visa, but represented himself locally here as a salesman. His
visa was due to expire on 5th June. 

During this period, he had travelled to Quetta, Peshawar and different
parts of the country including Afghan refugee camps. According to
investigation team claims, he was under close observation after reports
from a taxi driver. 

The FBI have gathered intelligence about John from America. He is
currently being interrogated by both local police and FBI teams, The FBI
are leading the interrogation because of the meagre status of local law
enforcement granted by the FBI/US. The likelihood is that that will be
sent back to America shortly. 

03 June 2002 : Tribal Clashes in Afghanistan Kill 38 People, Including
Five U.S. Troops 

Kandahar(Azzam): In what is being seen as an escalation of civil and
inter-tribal strife in Afghanistan, over 38 people have been killed in
the past week, five of them confirmed as being U.S. Troops. Reliable
sources in Kandahar have reported that U.S. troops were alerted to the
supposed presence of Arab Mujahideen by local tribesmen from the region
of Band Taimur, which lies in the district of Mewna in Kandahar. It is
believed that these tribesmen, who hold strong hostilities to a
neighbouring tribe in Band Taimur, wanted gullible U.S. troops to attack
a certain area so as to inflict heavy casualties upon their rivals. 

As expected, a unit of U.S. troops attacked the area, only to be set
upon by armed tribal men, who are well renowned for fighting until the
death to protect their honour and territory. In the firefight that
ensued, it is confirmed that at least five U.S. troops were killed
instantly, whilst several others were injured. It is unclear as to the
casualty status of the tribesmen; however, five of them were arrested
after intensive U.S. carpet bombing of the region. 

In a separate incident in the province of Nimroz, which lies near the
Iranian border, it is believed that over 20 people have been killed in
what seems to be an armed dispute between two tribes in the region.
Eyewitness accounts state that both fighting groups are using heavy
weaponry, including machine guns and artillery. The number of civilian
casualties is unknown as yet. However, it seems that the puppet
government of Afghanistan is becoming increasingly unable to maintain
any law and order in this country, which is well renowned for its
history of civil war and blood feuds. To that effect, some trustworthy
sources close to us have stated that in the past few days, about eight
members of the Loya Jirga council have been killed in different regions
around the country. The reports state that four were killed in Kandahar,
three in the province of Ghor and one in Kabul. Analysts believe that
the distribution of seats on this council by region is going to spark
yet more civil strife amongst rival tribes. 

Source:  Azzam

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