Thousands Protest In Morocco Against U.S. Threats

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Moroccans, chanting anti-American slogans, march peacefully against the
threatened U.S. attack on Iraq 

RABAT, January 12 (IslamOnline) ? Some 10,000 people took to the streets
of Rabat on Sunday, January 12, to protest against the growing U.S.
threats to launch a military offensive against Iraq. 

Braving the heavy rains gripping the Moroccan capital, the protesters
also shouted slogans against the Arab governments? silence towards the
rising tone of the U.S. war threats that widely expected to materialize
within late February?s timeframe. 

?Believers should stand united and extend their hands to one another?
and ?The American Storm is coming soon,? read some of the banners
clearly hoisted among the large masses in the demonstration, organized
by the Iraq Support Initiative, a group made up of Morocco?s political
and cultural institutions. 

?Although the demonstrations was local, not nation-wide, large numbers
of people showed up to voice their denunciation of the continued Israeli
occupation of the Palestinian areas, the crimes committed by the Israeli
army against the Palestinians in one hand and the expected U.S. criminal
military campaign against the Iraqis,? Khalid Al-Sufyani, an Iraq
Support Initiative Secretariat member, told IslamOnline during the

?We are here to join our voices to say: No for the U.S.-Zionist
terrorism, No for the new Zionist colonial project in our region that
plans to maintain a grip on its riches,? he said angrily. 

But Fatahallah Arsalane, official spokesman of the Al Adl Wal Ihssane
party said the march only comes as a ?stopover on an extensive tour?
that would also take the protests to the front of some of the embassies
in the capital. 

There were marches outside the Qatari embassy and the UN office and
another was planned to take place outside the MacDonalds restaurant in
Rabat on January 16. Moreover, the flare of the protests is expected to
catch other Moroccan cities. 

With regards to the Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul?s current tour
of the region, Arsalane was rather skeptical, saying the trip is only
meant to bring the Arab countries to their knees and give up all reserve
of resistance against before the world?s only superpower. 

?This popular protests shows the decrease of the spirit of struggle
among the Arab regimes and the failure of the political work in this
country,? said Dr.Al-Mahdi Al-Mungara, a Moroccan intellectual who
joined hands with the demonstrators. 

The protestors were also keen to burn the U.S. star-studded flag, in an
effort to speak out their minds towards the U.S.'s approach towards many
of the issues of concern to this North African state.

Source:  IOL

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