Russians are killing Chechen muslim children

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 20:04:32 +0100

After the tragic attack of September 11, countries like Russian
Federation, Israel and India, under the guise of the fight against
terrorism, are committing heinous crimes against civilian population. 

During two and a half years you have been witnessing the worst
violations of human rights and war crimes in Europe since World War II.
For the second time they are being committed by a member of the UN
Security Council, the Russian Federation, against the Chechen Republic
of Ichkeria. War crimes in the Balkans are fading when compared to the
two wars on the territory of Chechnya, and I apologize to the Balkan
nations for this comparison. 

I would like to pause on one of the brutal aspects of the terror
campaign against Chechen population, that is cynically called
«counter-terrorist operation». In Chechnya by the time the second war
started there were 392 thousand children under the age of 16. During
just the first year of war 24 thousand of them became orphans, over 6
thousand became disabled as a result of disorderly bombings and from
shot wounds. That is what we know about the children who have survived.
The exact number of those killed, which equals to thousands, is unknown,
because Islamic culture prescribes to bury the dead on the day of death.
None of the known murders of children by Russian invaders was
investigated to the end or considered in court. 

Ladies and Gentlemen! Over 30% of Chechen children are physically and
psychologically disabled and they need urgent rehabilitation. Thus, they
are trying to deprive us of our future. 

And what does the Russian Federation offer us in this situation? A fresh
example: not too long ago the head of the invaders' administration,
appointed by the president of the aggressor country, expressed his
regret that Russian punitive raids «are not effective enough» and called
for the implementation of the NKVD-KGB methods of Stalin era when people
were being grabbed quietly from their homes at night, after which no one
ever saw them ever since and they were disappearing without a trace.
Looks like over 4 thousand Chechen citizens, who disappeared forever
without a trace in Russian prisons as a result of random arrests, is not
enough for that pro-Russian politician. Russian invaders' investigative
law enforcement agencies in Chechnya are doing nothing, they are
helpless and they mainly serve the purpose to conceal everyday crimes
committed by Russian secret services, army and police. Our people are
disappearing by thousands, they face tortures and executions with no
trials. Tortures are considered legitimate means of interrogation by
Russian law enforcement, and executions with no trials are considered
the means of justice. 

Chechen people do not understand why aggressive military campaigns by
the Russian Federation that led to the loss of over 20% of Chechen
population, were still not given a proper legal estimate within the
International Law up until now. There is only one estimate for Russian
actions - which is genocide. 

(The speech is included in the official report of the UN Human Rights
Committee for the year of 2002.) 

Source:  Kavkaz Center

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