Muslims riot over Miss World

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Radical Muslim rioters have burned down a newspaper office after the
Prophet Muhammad was referred to in an article about the Miss World
beauty pageant being hosted by Nigeria. 

The local office of the daily ThisDay newspaper in the northern Nigerian
city of Kaduna was completely destroyed in the fire. 

The blaze was started by a mob of angry Muslim demonstrators, police and
newspaper officials said. Nobody was in the building when the mob
attacked the office. 

Newspaper staff in Kaduna have been put under police protection while
hundreds of heavily armed security forces have been deployed to protect
the national paper's offices in Kaduna. 

The Nigerian Muslim Umma, a group of prominent Nigerian Islamic scholars
has called on President Olusegun Obasanjo to both cancel the pageant and
"sanction" the newspaper. 

Government officials were not immediately available to comment. 

The group released a statement saying that both the article and the
pageant itself caused "indescribable pain" to Muslims. 

The offending article questioned why some Muslim groups have condemned
the pageant on the grounds it promotes sexual promiscuity and indecency.

"The Muslims thought it was immoral to bring ninety-two women to Nigeria
and ask them to revel in vanity." 

"What would Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have
chosen a wife from among them," the article's author, Isioma Daniel,

On Monday, ThisDay carried a brief front page editor's note apologising
for "portions that may be considered offensive to ... our Muslim

Several Nigerian Muslim groups, including the Nigerian Supreme Council
of Islamic Affairs, the country's highest Muslim body, have demanded a
more complete apology and threatened boycotts and other unspecified
measures of protest against ThisDay. 

Later in the week, ThisDay plans to run a second apology as well as
articles by Muslim columnists in an effort to appease critics. 

The fury over Daniel's article is just the latest controversy to hit the
Miss World pageant. 

The beauty contest has been boycotted by participants from at least five
countries in protest at the sentencing of several Nigerian Muslim women
to death by stoning for conceiving babies outside wedlock. 

And Muslim protests earlier forced the Miss World organisers to postpone
the grand finale until after the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Source: ITV 

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