MI5 Visiting British Mosque Committees

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UNITED KINGDOM: Since 11 September 2001, British Intelligence MI5 has
stepped up activities against Muslim residents of Britain. Almost every
single British mosque has had visits from MI5 officers, where they have
sat down with the mosque committee and asked them for the following
information amongst others: 

1. Regular group activities at the mosque such as study circles,
lectures, etc. The timings of these activities, attendance, nature of
topics discussed etc. 

2. Names of individuals in the community who organise the above
activities and other individuals who are known to be associated or
supportive of Jihad and the Mujahideen. 

3. To install CCTV cameras INSIDE the mosque premises so that MI5 can
easily keep a record of video footage of individuals frequenting the
mosque as well as those who attend regular activities there. The mosques
have been told to inform their worshippers that the CCTV cameras are
being installed for their safety and comfort in the wake of 'Anti-Muslim
backlash' following the 9/11 attacks, even though it is well-known that
the number of Anti-Muslim incidents against Western mosques as a result
of the 9/11 attacks are too small to even mention. 

Although many of the 'Muslims' who run British mosques are modernist and
pro- Western businessmen, supportive of the policies of Western
Governments and anti-Muslim, anti-Jihad and anti-Mujahideen, there are
some sincere individuals within the committees that have publicised this
information to members of their communities. The details above have been
extracted on the basis of information provided by sincere individuals in
several mosque committees in different parts of Britain. 

Furthermore, MI5 has been placing adverts in national newspapers calling
to recruit Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, Bengali, Pushto and other Muslim
language speakers. Since 11 September 2000, MI5 has already recruited
150 British- based officers, who specialise in the above languages and
it has received a budget to continue recruiting several hundred more
over the next few years. 

What this means for Muslims is that there is an increased number of
spies working within Muslim communities, inside mosques and inside
mosque committees, who will have beards, attend prayers, wear Islamic
clothing and speak with Islamic words. The Muslims should be aware of
potential agents within their ranks according to the 'How to Spot
Infiltrators and Agents' that we will shortly be releasing. Furthermore,
the Muslim communities should strongly protest any installation of CCTV
cameras inside their mosques. It is part of the plan that a few mosques
were attacked and had windows smashed, in order to frighten Muslim
communities and convince them of the need to install CCTV cameras. For
safety purposes, it is understandable that CCTV cameras should be placed
outside mosques and cover the external parts of the premises. However,
what is the need to install CCTV cameras INSIDE mosque premises if not
to spy on Muslims? The Muslims should strongly oppose and resist any
recent installation of CCTV cameras inside mosque premises and if the
committee does not agree, they will be responsible if the Muslims remove
the cameras from the insides of the mosques themselves or destroy the
equipment themselves. The mosques belong to Allah and all the Muslims:
they do not belong to wealthy, pro-Western, secular minded businessmen
who entertain homosexual officials inside mosque premises in order to
woo their support. 

'Militant' Infiltrators into Islamic Discussion Boards 

[INTERNET]: Another new tactic of Western intelligence authorities since
11 September 2001 and one actually acknowledged by MI5, is infiltration
of Islamic discussion boards (in English, Arabic and other languages) to
spread anti-Jihad propaganda. The infiltrators are always those with
Muslim usernames, usually those with militant signatures such as quotes
of Bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam, etc. in order to portray themselves as
'still being supportive of Jihad, but I don't agree with this or that,
which is terrorism'. These infiltrators seem to have some, but a rather
basic understanding of the religion and can usually be silenced with
some strong evidence. Most of their comments are based on emotions as
opposed to evidence from Shariah. Recently, the case of the execution of
Mossad Officer Daniel Pearl brought out a lot of these infiltrators who
shouted and screamed on these discussion boards based on emotions as
opposed to Shariah evidences. 

The sincere Muslims who support the Jihad and the Mujahideen, but are
not able to join them yet, should participate in fighting the enemies of
Allah on the Islamic discussion boards and cleansing them of
infiltrators, who normally stick out like sore thumbs with their
comments and postings, which are based more on emotions and logic than
solid Shariah evidences from early and latter scholars. Some examples of
infiltrated discussion boards can be found at clearguidance.com (Canada
based), ymuk.net (UK based), islah.org (UK based, in Arabic). 

New 'Islamic' Web Sites on the Internet to Dampen Pro-Jihad Feelings 

[INTERNET]: Another phenomenon that has appeared on the Internet after
the 9/11 attacks, is a large number of 'Islamic' web-sites that mention
Jihad, the rules of Jihad and sometimes may even carry news reports from
the Mujahideen. However, upon closer study one will find that it is not
unlikely that some of these sites may actually be run by Western
Intelligence agencies in order to dampen Pro-Jihad feelings, whilst at
the same time portraying themselves as 'Quran and Sunnah' following
Islamic web-sites. Since the web- sites are Islamic and appear to be
written by practising Muslims, sometimes they are very misleading
because the Muslims will readily believe news from an Islamic web-site
as opposed to a non-Islamic one. 

A point in particular is the issue of the execution of Mossad Officer,
Daniel Pearl. Some Islamic web-sites that otherwise may show themselves
as supporting Jihad, specifically chose to either ignore this issue
altogether and not even mention it, whilst others actively went out of
their way to show that his execution was wrong for whatever reason. For
example, Azzam Publications posted several news reports relating to
Daniel Pearl's execution, mixed with other news. However, the news
reports appeared on the Internet around various Islamic web-sites, with
the Daniel Pearl bit specifically edited out and the other news
included. Furthermore, his execution video appeared on some web-sites
but some Islamic web-sites specifically chose not to publicise this. 

In order to safeguard themselves from such possibilities, the Muslims
are advised to only take their news and opinions on Jihad and the
Mujahideen from established, trusted web-sites, who have a history in
providing this information which stretches long before the 9/11 attacks.

Islamic 'Scholars' Giving Opinions and Fatawa about Jihad 

The 9/11 attacks also brought about a flurry of statements, opinions and
fatawa from Islamic so-called 'scholars', justifying Jihad as a struggle
against one soul, criticising actions of the Mujahideen in Palestine and
Afghanistan and mocking or insulting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and
those imprisoned in Cuba (may Allah release them). The Muslims must only
accept fatawa relating to Jihad and current affairs from the Mujahideen
and their scholars, of which there are many from all madhabs (Hanafi,
Shafi, Maliki and Hanbali) and most Muslim countries from Pakistan and
Indonesia to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They should not forget the famous
statement of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (may Allah have mercy on his soul): 

"Jihad today has become like a taboo subject that is discussed over tea
or coffee. The one who speaks or writes about Jihad has not even spent a
single minute in the battlefield." 

If the Muslims hear any statement from any Muslim scholar in the World
against Jihad or criticising the Mujahideen or their actions, they must
first ask themselves, "Who is this man and what track record or history
does he have in Jihad? How long has he himself fought in the battlefield
and participated in physical Jihad, for him to make such comments?" Once
the Muslims find the answers to these questions, the legitimacy of this
'scholar' to speak about Jihad will be made clear automatically.
Unfortunately, today, the Muslims accept fatawa about Jihad from
everyone except the Mujahideen and their scholars, who are in a better
position to comment on Jihad and the Mujahideen than those living far
away, detached from the Jihad and the battlefield. 

If a Muslim was to ask a bank manager about the permissibility of
working in a bank, what type of answer will he give? Of course, he will
say it is permissible and go to extreme lengths to justify his answer
with evidences from Quran and Sunnah. Likewise, if, for a fatwa related
to Jihad, the Muslims refer to a scholar who has never fought in battle
for the sake of Allah, never buried martyrs with his own hands, never
soaked the blood of the injured Mujahideen, never seen the bodies of his
brothers and fellow Muslims, what type of answer will he give? It is
obvious that he will give an answer to justify his own actions of
abandoning Jihad, and try his best to prop up his answer with evidences
from the Quran and the Sunnah. Many Muslim 'scholars' today have been
specifically ordered by Western and hypocrite Governments to dampen
Pro-Jihad feelings through their speeches, statements and lectures.
Muslims can protect themselves from these people by only accepting
fatawa relating to the Jihad, from the Mujahideen leaders and scholars.


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