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April 29, 2002: Jordanian security services early last week arrested six 
activists from the outlawed Islamic Hizb ut-Tahrir Liberation Party . They 
include Thabit al-Khawaja, Muhammad Musallam al-Zaghalil, Umar Uthman Nammurah, 
Muhammad Hasan al-Balwi and Samir al-Kurdi, who was released the next day. They 
were arrested while collecting signatures for a memorandum the party submitted 
to the Jordanian government, in which the party called on the government to 
send military forces to help the Palestinian people confront the tyrannical 
Israeli aggression. A party delegation and a number of citizens headed last 
Monday 22 April to the prime minister's office and asked for a meeting with the 
prime minister, since he also holds the defence ministry portfolio, to hand him 
a memorandum with 4,000 signatures. However, the secretary general of the prime 
ministry, Salim Khayr, informed them that they cannot meet him. After he read 
the memorandum, Khayr promised them to deliver it to Prime Minister Ali 

The party sources said that during the same period, the security authorities 
arrested pharmacist Salih Dhiyab al-Shalabi, a prominent party member, who had 
been arrested several times and received prison sentences. These sources said 
that the authorities accused the arrested persons of carrying out activities 
for a banned organization. This came after the arrested persons had collected 
the signatures and distributed the memorandum. 

The memorandum, which was entitled "Open Call for Our Valiant Army," said: The 
liberation of Palestine and saving its people from the claws of the Jews cannot 
be achieved through donations, condemnation and denunciation. It can only be 
achieved through preparing our forces and mobilizing our armies for jihad for 
the sake of Allah, as your ancestors, such as Salah-al-Din, did. Go for jihad! 
We are with you! jihad is the way leading to dignity in this life and to 
paradise in the hereafter." 

In the same context, the Egyptian state security agencies have recently 
launched an arrest campaign among Egyptian students and Jordanians studying at 
Egyptian universities on charges of belonging to the Liberation Party and 
circulating the party's literature and leaflets in Egypt. They were also 
charged of distributing a statement that calls for rising against and toppling 
the regime, as well as urging the Egyptian Armed Forces to disobey orders, 
stage a rebellion and attack US and Israeli interests in Egypt... 

Source: Al-Majd, Amman, in Arabic 29 Apr 02 
Source: BBC 

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