Iraq receives advanced radar from Russia

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  • Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 09:24:34 +0100

A shipment of advanced Russian radar has reached Iraq recently. The
consignment was shipped in small boxes via air to Damascus in Syria and
trucked to Baghdad, Iraqi traders told Iraq Press on condition of

The deal was concluded through private businessmen working on behalf of
the government, one of the traders said. 

He alleged that he was assigned to the team who signed the deal and
successfully ferried the radar to Iraq. 

He said a trade exchange bureau in Damascus helped in finalising the
deal and the shipment. 

The 20-million-dollar deal involves radar equipment with a high jamming
and detection capability, the trader, who lives in Damascus, said. 

The equipment is bound to enhance an already aggressive Iraqi air
defense system, which, according to Iraqi claims, succeeded late last
month in forcing down an unmanned American spy plane in the north of the

Prior to the 1991 Gulf War over Kuwait, Iraq had one of the most
sophisticated air defense systems in the Middle East. But it was
neutralised shortly after the start of the war. 

Russian technicians and engineers are installing the radars, which
arrived in Iraq late in May. 

Scores of Russian experts are in Iraq as part of a massive campaign of
restructuring civilian infrastructure, particularly oil and electricity.

Diplomats here say the Kremlin promised to facilitate the shipment of
weapons and military spare parts to Iraq if it did not object to a U.N.
resolution reforming the 12-year-old trade sanctions. 

At least three delegations from Iraqi intelligence or mukhabarat and the
Defense Ministry's Purchasing Department have visited Moscow so far this


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