FBI sets up 44 offices in Pakistan

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The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has set up 44 offices in
Pakistan and 12 offices along the sensitive Pakistan-Afghanistan border
in the last two months to seize Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and Taliban
fighters, top diplomats said. 

The FBI has also brought equipment worth $4 billion that include
communication systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, night-vision radars and
satellite-based systems in addition to sniffer dogs. 

The FBI has a control room in Jalalabad and another in a Lahore suburb
to monitor the activities of fundamentalist outfits, Al Qaeda cadres,
Taliban fighters and several terrorists connected with the 11-September
2001 attack on America, diplomats said. 

Diplomats said that the FBI offices in Pakistan are functioning as
private local firms engaged in export-import and as joint-venture
establishments producing consumer goods. 

The FBI wanted to set up about 200 offices to run day-to-day operations
to cover fundamentalist and terrorist activities. 

But General Pervez Musharraf was fearful about granting permission for
so many FBI offices in view of the referendum and to not provoke the
all-powerful Jamait Islami with which he entered into a pact later,
diplomats said. 

Former Pakistan army chief General Aslam Beg and ex-ISI chief
Lieutenant-General Javed Nasir have already publicised 16-17 FBI offices
in Pakistan to provoke public opposition to them. 

Initially, the FBI had demanded to set up 200 offices with signboards,
security and Pakistani military and police officials deputing for them. 

On 15 March, General Musharraf told US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld
about his inability to grant such permission but readily agreed to the
setting up of FBI offices all across Pakistan. 

Pakistan has also signed a mutual bilateral pact with the US about
fighting and neutralising terrorists under a joint working-group

The FBI can establish offices and take assistance from Pakistani
agencies under the programme. 

The FBI has been shipping its equipment into Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

In the last two months it has set up 44 offices in Pakistan mostly in
Punjab and the North West Frontier Province. 

Now it is planning to put up a few offices in Sind and Baluchistan. 

The FBI is also closely working with the US Central Intelligence Agency,
National Security Agency and National Reconnaissance Organisation. 

US special forces are providing security cover to the FBI in Pakistan. 

The FBI has also set up 12 offices in Afghanistan along the
Pakistan-Afghanistan border and it is monitoring operations from
Jalalabad, Kandahar and Khost. 

Source:  Intelligence Online

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