Delagation from Sussex University to Palestine: update

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FROM PALESTINE I hope you already know that 10 people from the
University of Sussex are in Palestine right now, to show their support
for the struggle of the Palestinian people. I am one of them, and I am
writing right now from East Jerusalem. 

We spent days from Thursday until now in Ramallah, while the Israeli
army was occupying it. 5 of us are now in East Jerusalem, 5 still in
Ramallah. We have all been witnessing the oppression of the palestinian
people, and instead of giving you my opinion, i am going to give you a
brief idea of what has been going on. 
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The israeli army entered Ramallah during the night between the 28 and
the 29 of march.Since then, its only aim has been terrorizing the
population and killing any form of resistance.Let’s fool no one from the
outstart: as all of you know,this army is the foundation of an oppresive
state based on a fascist ideology , state created and backed by the
imperialist powers. 

So far, more than 30 people have been killed in Ramallah.The actions
taken by the israeli army speak by themselves: 

9 families have been locked yesterday in one room with no food, no
electricity ,no water and no medicine, with also one child seriously
ill. The army has taken the keys and blocked all the exits. 

People have been used as human shields when the army was going through
the streets to arrest the palestinian gunmen. a young girl, going out of
the hospital after receiving treatment, was shot dead.The doctors that
came out, with the international delegates, to help her, were shot at as

The army prevents now anyone from getting in, shoots at ambulances of
the Palestine Medical Relief Committee, beats up the ambulance-drivers
and forces them into emptying their vehicles of food and medicine. 

In every house that the army enters, civilians are brutalised, their
homes are sacked and valuables are taken from them. 

I could go on forever.What is happening now is a turning point in the
history of Palestine. It is clear, if anyone has ever doubted it, that
the israelis do not give a damn about peace. They want a land without
people, and , having no sense whatsoever of humanity, respect or any
thing of this kind, they are willing to undertake any measure to achieve
this goal. 

However, our experience of Palestine has been also very positive:
against them stands a people that will never give up.I think about this
idea of Kwame Toure that the most powerful tool in the hands of the
oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. I can tell you, Israel faces a
people whose mind is full of determination, courage and faith. There is
a living dialectical relationship between oppression and resistance
here: the resistance of the palestinian people to their oppression gets
stronger every minute, and especially in this time of occupation. I
remember Diala, with whom I’ve spent the days in Ramallah, with 2 other
people from the delegation. 

We’ve lived in her house, at literally less than 100 meters from the
compound of Arafat, surrounded by tanks and with continuous shootings,
shellings and bombings.She was not afraid, telling us that she has
already been though this kind of thing, and that the Palestinians ,
having been through all these years of oppression, were still standing
up.She had this sentence: “The situation gives you power not to be

I feel safe now that I’m in Jerusalem, but i am still with the people of
Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus, Tulkarim,Jenin, all the West Ba nk and
Gaza. The troops are moving in as i write.I urge you who read this to
put as much pressure as you can on our foreign office and our

People are being killed here with british and US weapons. The
international community and the arab world are accomplices of these
disgusting crimes. I am now more furious than ever against the ruling
classes, the war we have to fight against them has to hit them harder
every day, in every minute of their lives. All my revolutionary

Anais lafite 

Source:  University Delegate

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