China attacks US military role

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China has accused the United States of seeking to expand its military
presence throughout the world. The criticism comes in an annual
government report which also attacks Washington for alleged widespread
abuse of human rights.  
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The report accuses the US Government of ignoring abuses at home while
violating human rights elsewhere by building military bases and
stationing hundreds of thousands of troops all over the world. 

Our correspondent in Beijing says the report reflects growing concern in
China at the expansion of US military operations overseas since 11
Last week the US State Department released its annual report on human
rights around the world, in which it described the situation in China as

The report comes after several thousand US troops were stationed in
Kyrgyzstan, on China's Central Asian border, and US forces returned to
the Philippines.
It says American forces are now stationed in more than 140 countries and
the US has "expanded its so-called security interests to almost every
corner of the world".

'Blind eye'

But the report, compiled by the State Council Information Office, saves
its most scathing words for America's record on human rights.
It points to a high murder rate, racism, sexual discrimination and

The US sees itself as "world judge of human rights", the report says
While "distorting human rights conditions in many countries and regions
in the world including China", it says, the US "turns a blind eye to its

The Chinese accusations, which also refer to alleged US human rights
abuses in other countries, include: 

police brutality, overcrowded prisons and an inhumane system of keeping
prisoners sentenced to capital punishment on "death row"; 

widespread sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy in "the
greatest scandal in the United States following the Enron case"; 

fostering a "culture beautifying violence" through media "inundated with
violent content"; 
maintaining a "Third World" of poverty at the heart of a superpower.

Our correspondent, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, says China is long used to
being the target of 
American criticism of its human rights record and is now hitting back. 

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