Chalabi survives assassination attempt

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Iraq’s Liberation Front Attempts To Assassinate Chalabi

A number of armed people belonging to the nascent National Front For The
Liberation of Iraq (NFLI) tried Friday, April 11, to assassinate Ahmad
Chalabi, one of the prominent exile leaders and head of the Iraqi National
Council (INC), in the southern city of An-Nasiriyah. 

“They attacked a camp of Chalabi’s devotees, leaving a number of them
killed,” Abdul Amir El-Rakabi, an Iraqi exile, told on
Saturday, April 12. 

“They narrowly missed Chalabi,” he added. 

The NFLI released Friday a statement entitled "Aggression Ends, Liberation
Begins", a copy of which was obtained by 

The statement said the new front “comprises local representatives of armed
groups and resistance brigades, some still manning positions in Iraq along
with Arab volunteer fighters.” 

“The front also is regrouping a host of Iraq’s elite Republican Guard units
and special forces after being disintegrated. Iraq may lose the war, but it
would never surrender or die," underlined the statement. 

As for the U.S. plans to install former army general Jay Garner in power in
post-war Iraq, the Liberation Front underlined that the “Iraqi people will
neither allow this Zionist general who is a personal friend to the Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to rule them nor the thief of Baghdad Ahmad

The front further rebuffed other prominent Iraqi exiles such as Nezar
al-Khazrgi, Nuri Abdul Razek, Mahdi Hafez, Adham al-Samra’I and their “ilk,
as well as CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Mossad (Israeli
Intelligence) agents.” 

Opposition Leaders Flock Home 

In the meantime, a number of the national Iraqi exiles came home to heal the
rift and help regroup Iraq’s mosaic powers to stand up to the invaders and
force them out. 

Rakabi said that Mohammed Baqir An-Nasiri, a prominent Shiite figure, came
back to his home town of An-Nasiriyah, where he was given a welcome

“His comeback would definitely produce a ground-shaking effect since he is
one of Iraq’s national icons, who vehemently oppose colonialism and the U.S.
presence in Iraq. He would boost the morale of the Iraqis and make them act
in unison in the face of the occupying forces,” he said. 

Source:  IslamOnline

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