Bush targets 35% of world's nations

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George Bush targets 60 nations in his war against terror, claiming that
if weapons of mass destruction are not to fall into the wrong hands, up
to one third of the world’s countries will have to dismantle terrorist
cells and that America must be ready for “pre-emptive action”. 

President Bush’s speech to 1,000 graduates of the West Point military
academy on Saturday laid down the guidelines for US foreign policy
during the remainder of his term in office. He claimed that the USA may
have to take the war against international terrorism to up to 60
countries to keep Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) out of the hands of
terrorist organisations. 

“We must take that battle to the enemy”, he declared, adding that the
USA must “confront the worst threats before they emerge” and be “ready
for pre-emptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to
defend our lives”. 

George Bush mentioned undemocratic regimes in his speech, a clear
reference to his “axis of evil” group of nations, which include Iraq,
North Korea and Iran, and possibly Cuba, in an enlarged list of “enemy”
nations, adding that without direct action, terrorism and anti-US
sentiment would not be controlled in such countries. He justified his
claims by saying that containment “is not possible when unbalanced
dictators with WMD can deliver those weapons on missiles or can provide
them to terrorist allies”. 

The belligerence of Mr. Bush’s speech seemed to grow as he went on: “In
the world we have entered, the only path to safety is the path of
action. And this nation will act”. Apart from action against what he
terms “enemy” nations, George Bush stated that the USA will provide
military training to those nations fighting terrorist cells and that the
attitude of other countries, that do not sponsor terrorism but who allow
anti-US hatred to foster among their populations, “must change”. 

The arrogance of this speech and in George Bush’s discourse in general
again rears its ugly head as the USA categorically declares war, in no
uncertain terms, on any nation or group of people it unilaterally
considers as “hostile”, namely any nation, or group of people, which
does not walk hand-in-hand with what Washington dictates, whether this
be in military, social, commercial or political policy. 

Source:  PRAVDA.Ru

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