Anti-war protest in Bahrain

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The protestors waved Iraqi flags 

More than 1,000 people in Bahrain have taken part in march against a
possible American-led attack on Iraq. 
The demonstrators also protested against the presence of US military
bases in the region. 

"The American is a coloniser who has come to cause destruction" -

Bahrain, a key Washington ally in the Gulf, is home to the American
Fifth fleet, and hosts about 1,000 US military personnel. 

The United States and Britain have massed troops and equipment in the
region, ahead of a possible campaign over Iraq's alleged weapons of mass

Opposition leaders, parliamentarians and human rights activists took
part in Friday's peaceful march in the Bahraini capital, Manama. 

"The American is a coloniser who has come to cause destruction," they

Many protestors waved Bahraini, Iraqi and Palestinian flags and shouted:
"No US bases in Muslim countries." 

Some reports put the number of protesters at 3,000. Bahrain is the
smallest of the Gulf states with a population of about 650,000, of whom
some 250,000 are not Bahraini nationals. 

'Saudi example' 

"It is a crime to set the USA flag on fire - but it is not a crime for
the USA to set the whole world on fire," a placard read. 

The king looks down of this form of protest 

Bahraini officials have urged people not to burn the American flag
during protests, saying it said this harmed the country's relations with
the United States. 

Many protestors called on their government to follow Saudi Arabia's
stand in refusing - so far - to allow US forces on its territory to be
used in any war against Iraq. 

In recent months Bahrainis have staged a series of angry protests
against Israel and what they view as US support for Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon. 

Correspondents say Friday's march - organised by the National Committee
for the Support of the Iraqi People - attracted fewer people than
expected and was calmer than recent protests. 

Source:  BBC

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