Anti-Israeli protests spread

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Protesters take to the street in an anti-Israeli march in Turkey on

RABAT, Morocco -- Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators have taken
to the streets in cities across the world to protest at the continuing
violence in the Middle East. 

From New York to Sydney and Paris to Jakarta, protesters have chanted 
anti-Israeli slogans and called for an end to the fighting. 

In Morocco, the organisers of a march on Sunday estimated that between
200,000 and 300,000 took to the streets of the capital Rabat. But police
estimated the figure at nearer 45,000. 

"Allah Akbar (God is the Greatest) ... We want the Jihad (holy war)...
Sharon is a butcher. America! America, enough wars ... America enemy of
peoples!" the protesters shouted. 

"Sharon, Bush are war criminals," a banner written in English said. 

Many marchers brandished Palestinian flags and images of Palestinian
leader Yasser Arafat. 

Young children with their parents held pictures of Palestinian
suicide-bombers and flags of Lebanon and its radical Islamist movement

The protesters also burned flag of Israel and effigies of Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon. 

The protest was similar to other protests being held in other cities in
the region and further afield. 

Across France on Saturday many thousands took part in pro-Palestinian
marches in major cities. (Full story) 

Up to 18,000 activists marched through Paris with similar marches taking
place in Grenoble, Pau, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Orleans, and

On Sunday, Jewish organisations are due to march in Paris, Bordeaux,
Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Toulouse in support of Israel and in
protest at a spate of recent anti-Jewish attacks in France. 

In Turkey, thousands have staged anti-Israel demonstrations in the past

On Saturday, about 4,000 people gathered in Ankara chanting: "Down with
Israel!" and burning Israeli and American flags. 

A pro-Palestinian protest in the French city of Pau 
In the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa, police detained 23 members of
a far-left party who staged an unauthorised protest against Israel, the
Anatolia news agency reported. 

In Jakarta, Indonesia, thousands of Muslims protested on Sunday against
the Israeli offensive in Palestinian areas, burning Israeli flags and
chanting anti-American slogans. 

About 5,000 demonstrators, many from the Muslim Justice Party, gathered
around a monument across from the presidential palace in the world's
most populous Muslim nation. 

Wearing headbands with the words "Save Palestine" and waving Palestinian
flags, protesters listened as religious leaders condemned the Israeli

There were protests in Seville, Spain, while in Rome, Italy, about
20,000 protesters marched on Saturday to join a rally in Piazza del
Popolo, where the crowd swelled to about 50,000 people. 

Some wore black face masks while others carried banners calling for
"Intifada until victory," and chanted for a "Liberated Palestine." 

A protest in Bern, Switzerland, drew about 9,000 people. "The people are
angry but it is very controlled," said Nico Lutz, secretary of Swiss
Against an Army, a pacifist pressure group that organised the

In Sydney, Australia, about 5,000 activists marched, shouting "Free
Palestine" and waving flags and placards, to the Israeli and U.S.

Two police officers received minor injuries when they were hit by
projectiles thrown by protesters during the confrontation, a police
spokeswoman told Reuters. 

Israeli flags were spat on and burned during a smaller protest in the
Queensland state capital of Brisbane on Saturday. 

In the western German city of Dortmund, 2,400 people marched through the
city centre in a demonstration organised by the local Palestinian

In Bonn, 1,500 demonstrators marched to the central square in support of
the Palestinians. 

In Athens, Greece, about 1,000 protesters rallied outside the Israeli
embassy before marching to the U.S. mission. 

Source:  CNN

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