Al-Qaeda man claims 11 September

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 Al-Qaeda fighter
The tape showed what appeared to be dead fighters

A recognised spokesman for Osama Bin Laden's militant al-Qaeda network
has made the clearest indication yet that it was responsible for the 11
September attacks on America. 


God ordered us to terrorize the infidels, and we terrorized the infidels


Sulaiman bu Ghaith 
Sulaiman bu Ghaith said that al-Qaeda had managed to hit the United
States "right on its doorstep". 

He was speaking in an undated recording aired on Wednesday by a
Saudi-owned TV network. 

The tape also showed what appeared to be al-Qaeda fighters killed in

The spokesman, who is among Washington's most wanted men, accused the US
of "publicly fighting Islam". 

 Sulaiman by Ghaith
Bu Ghaith said the US was "publicly fighting Islam"

"We have managed to attack the head of infidelity, who deliberately and
openly declares his hostility to Islam day and night, in his own
country," he said. 

"God ordered us to terrorise the infidels, and we terrorised the
infidels," he added. 

The same broadcast - by the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation -
showed old statements made by Bin Laden himself welcoming the suicide
attacks, which killed about 3,000 people. 

Two of Bin Laden's aides, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Mohammed Atef, also
appeared in the video. 

Atef, who was believed to have been killed in a US air strike on Kabul
in November, is seen to say: "Liberating Palestine starts here." 

Another tape was broadcast by the Qatari satellite channel al-Jazeera on
Monday, in which al-Zawahiri described the attacks as a "great victory".

Al-Jazeera has promised to air the tape in full on Thursday. 


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