Afghanistan's interim government is falling to pieces

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For Americans who conquered Afghanistan and for Hamid Karzai’s interim
government, it was easier to destroy the Taliban regime than to defeat
barbarism. This is the way this country is organized – another war is
coming, not peace. 

Karzai’s government has ruled the country for only two months only, but
it is being torn apart with internal contradictions. This is happening
because of the different governmental groups formed on the basis of
ethnic principles. This conflict between the various ethnic groups is a
big obstacle for Afghanistan to put an end to war. The contradictions in
the Kabul government may become the reason for an internal war in

After Abdul Rahman, the Minister for Air Transport and Tourism, was
killed in the Kabul airport, Karzai placed the responsibility for that
on the members of his government. Karzai’s government has been split
into two basic groups. The Roman group, in which Karzai is included,
consists of the Pashtuns and the representatives of several ethnic
minorities. Rahman belonged to one of them - the Tajik group. The
military bloc – defense, security, home affairs and intelligence – is
controlled by the Tajiks from Panjsher Valley. As Western diplomats in
Kabul believe, the investigation of the assassination will be
complicated because of the predominant position of the Panjsher group in
Afghanistan's military structures. Two of the suspects in Rahman’s
assassination are currently in Saudi Arabia, and the Afghans demand
their delivery. Another suspect, the chief of the national security
service, General Juraat, was dismissed from his position, but he still
goes to work anyway. 

Karzai’s confidants talk about a conspiracy prepared by the Panjsher
group. This isn't good news for Karzai’s followers, who expect king
Zahir Shah to arrive in their homeland next month. Those who adhere to
the version of a conspiracy say that military intelligence chief General
Abdul Jan Tawhidi and General Juraat were seen in the crowd of the
pilgrims who assaulted Abdul Rahman’s plane, but they did not stop the

The pilot said that they asked Rahman (who was going to fly to Delhi) to
send in his resignation. The minister refused, so he was taken out of
the plane on the runway and beaten to death. 

After the preliminary probe, and after Karzai was reported about it, the
representatives of the Roman group asked the Americans for help: “If you
cannot control the situation, if you cannot help us in the investigation
of this crime, we will have to leave Afghanistan, which is now in your
own hands.” The Americans exerted pressure on Defense Minister General
Fahim and other members of the Northern Alliance and required an

The members of the Roman group believe that the minister’s assassination
in the airport was a political, premeditated action. Its goal was to
weaken the royalists in the government. 
Source:  Pravda 

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