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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 02:40:57 -0500


this is shining bear, checking in to the community list.

a week ago, i told a friend i was going to an 'eliminating racism' meeting.

he said why bother, you will only be pissing in the ocean.

he was pretty cynical; he does know there is an ocean of racism out there.

i said i prefer a yellow ocean, and i am going to go and piss in it.


wygelia met a lump last night, a conflict, do we sell off part of it to a
relative, or will we keep it together and support that relative in getting
funding to build on land trust land.


we are in the middle of incorporating and forming some form of land trust to
hold the land in perpetuity.

we are planning to create an operating museum of early industrial machinery.

we have lots of details to learn and work out.


wygelia wishes to host the next meeting of this community support group.  is
anyone else planning this too?  dont want duplication of effort.  paxus, are
you the central information terminal?

john shining bear
at wygelia

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