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INTERNET RESOURCES NEWSLETTER The free, monthly, newsletter for academics, students, engineers, scientists and social scientists. Latest issue: Edited by: Roddy MacLeod (R.A.MacLeod@xxxxxxxx ), Catherine Ure.and Marion Kennedy Heriot-Watt University Library ISSN: 1361-9381


Lorcan Dempsey's articles are always worth reading for their insight
and ideas. Dempsey recently wrote Libraries and the Long Tail which appeared
in D-Lib Magazine, April 2006. The subtitle of the article is: Some
thoughts about libraries in a network age.

In it, he relates issues of supply and demand within a networked
environment toRanganathan's laws of library science. Amongst many
other things, Dempsey also writes about the discovery experience for
materials within libraries: "The discovery experience is a fragmented
one. A user has a range of discovery tools available and may not
always know which is the most suitable... One approach is
consolidation: fewer but larger pools of metadata to support discovery
would help. Another is 'syndication', moving the metadata to where it
might more readily rendezvous with the reader."

Some recent initiatives are seeing developments in consolidation. In
Spain, the Biblioteca Electrónica de Ciencia y Tecnología is developing a new electronic
library, to be set up at an estimated ?80 million, which will provide
nearly 150,000 researchers in Spain with instant access to scientific
articles and books.

In Ireland, the HEA and SFI have invested ?20 million in Universities
Research Facilities

In Germany, there is the vascoda initiative
This is a portal for academic information. One of the main features is
an integrated search of individual subject portals.. At the moment,
vascoda offers access to about 30 heterogeneous subject portals.

The new Windows Live Academic enables
searching for peer reviewed journal articles contained in numerous
journal publisher portals and on the web. Google Scholar provides a similar service (and has just
launched a 'Recent Article' feature: )

Other large aggregators include IngentaConnect and MetaPress

Scitation facilitaties the discovery of more
than one million documents from scholarly journals, magazines,
conference proceedings, and other special publications from
prestigious scientific societies and technical publishers.

On a smaller scale, and dedicated to one subject area, TechXtra an initiative of Heriot Watt, aggregates
access to 27 databases and over 4 million items (books, technical
reports, theses, articles, eprints, etc), and also, via some
additional services such as OneStep Jobs syndicates content from
numerous sources, providing one location to find the latest job and
industry news announcements.

Random Quotes
"Many of the library sector's current systems and processes may well
be overdue for criticism, especially when viewed through a lens shaped
by experience of the lightweight, flexible, intelligent and responsive
applications encountered online every day. Our innumerable opaque
information silos, our endless authentication challenges, our wilfully
different interfaces, and our insistence on attempting to suck
everyone and everything into the library building or onto the library
site ­ all of that, we should collectively be prepared to admit, could
be better." Coming Together around Library 2.0: A Focus for Discussion
and a Call to Arms, Paul Miller, D-Lib Magazine, April 2006


Here is this month's selection of news items of interest
Swiss scientists sign up to open access
From: NZZ Online

Complaints soar as public's right to know is denied
Rising complaints about failure of public bodies to disclose information
From: The Scotsman

Major US group calls for digital openness
The Committee for Economic Development (CED) has recommended that
several areas of business activity should be more "open" including
"digital information products" and suggests that the National Science
Foundation should fund research into alternative compensation methods
and to "reward creators of digital information products and
accommodate the changes brought about by the digitization and growth
of the Internet".
From: Serials eNews

Technology makes marketing too intrusive, say marketers
While technology has made marketing in general more effective,
concerns have been raised by marketing professionals about its
perception as being intrusive by customers, according to a report
published by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Zetoc now provides RSS feeds for journal articles
You can now choose to keep up to date with the latest information in
your chosen subject area by using Zetoc RSS.

New engineering institution launches with promise to promote the
profession to young people
Europe?s largest professional society for engineers, the Institution
of Engineering and Technology (IET) has been launched in London.

If you only read one thing this month, read...
Web 2.0 - a new generation of services, by Phil Bradley, Library +
Information Update, May 2006.

---------------------------------------------------- 2. A-Z NEW & NOTABLE WEB SITES ---------------------------------------------------- 3DSeek ?With, the world?s first online 3D search engine, we utilize the 3D shape of the product as a means to find other similar parts.?


Africa Renewal Online
Internet version created by Africa Section, Strategic Communications
Division, in cooperation with the UN Website Section, Department of
Public Information, United Nations.


African American Art and History
This site provides information on the history of art by Blacks and
Black history from slavery to the present in the visual arts,
literature, performing arts and music.


African Study Monographs: ASM
A multi-disciplinary journal which publishes academic articles in all
fields of African studies. The journal will emphasize monographs, but
brief communications are also published. Although this journal is
primarily for original papers, review articles and book reviews are
also published.
African Study Monographs is available free of charge as an Open Access journal.


Airports, Airlines, And Airplanes
Learn how to make online air travel reservations, find airports, get
airline information, and view real-time flight tracking data.
An article by Bob Rankin.


?The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely
web-based AJAX platform. Try ajaxWrite today, and experience
first-hand how AJAX applications are changing the way the web works,
and redefining the software industry.?


ASLP Technical Update Meeting, March 2006
What are the implications of Web 2.0 for the publishing sector? In
this presentation Brian Kelly describes how various Web 2.0
technologies can be exploited by the publishing sector.


Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement: APRA
The Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA)
represents over 1,900 development professionals around the world who
are dedicated to meeting the data and information needs of the
nonprofit community.


Awareness Watch Newsletter April 2006 V4N4
The Awareness Watch Featured Report this month features Semantic Web
Research Resources on the Internet including related resources and sites.



? represents the UKs first educational blogging conference
bringing together practitioner and research based expertise to explore
cutting edge issues surrounding the educational use of weblogs and
weblogging software.
2nd June 2006: London, UK.


Center for diffusion of academic mathematical journals
Portal for common access to a set of mathematical journals funded by
CNRS, ministère de la Recherche and université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble).
Three journals are available.


CIDL Newsletter
CIDL News is the bilingual newsletter of the Canadian Initiative on
Digital Libraries. It is published twice a year. CIDL News carries
reports on the Steering Committee activities, members' projects, plus
news of conferences and workshops. CIDL members are invited to submit
articles about their concerns and experiences with organizing,
managing, and sustaining digitization projects of service to Canadians.


Clustering versus Faceted Categories for Information Exploration
By Marti A. Hearst, from Communications of the ACM.


Construction Contracts Mediators' Group: CCMG
CCMG provide access to a group of mediators who specialise in
construction contract disputes. Each mediator has experience of the
difficulties that can arise which need to be overcome in order to
enable construction contract disputes to be settled amicably,
economically, and on terms acceptable to the parties.


Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources
The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources has
responsibility for the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors and
regulates, protects and develops the Marine and Natural Resources of Ireland.


This website is an online database of potential suppliers of ICT and
digitisation resources for the cultural and heritage sector. NEMLAC in
partnership with the regional agency One NorthEast have developed this
digital and IT knowledge resource - a one stop shop for sector
professionals. Benefits include the better use of existing digital
resources within the sector, the sharing of knowledge and the
engagement with technical experts from outside the sector.


D-Lib Magazine
The April issue is available, with articles on Library 2.0, the ?long
tail?, etc.


E-access Bulletin
A free, independent monthly e-mail newsletter on information
technology issues for people with visual impairment and blindness.


Edinburgh Community Councils
There are currently 39 community councils in Edinburgh. Community
councils play an important part in allowing local residents to speak
out on local issues and conveying their views to a range of
organisations. In addition, community councils have an influence in a
number of areas such as local planning applications, transport,
environment, leisure, conservation and licensing matters.


Editorial Manager
Editorial Manager is an online manuscript submission and tracking
system. It provides a user experience for authors, reviewers, editors
and journal office staff.


An open access repository from India. ePrints@IISc repository
collects, preserves and disseminates in digital format the research
output created by the IISc research community.


Exploring the Academic Invisible Web
An article by Lewandowski, Dirk and Mayr, Philipp.


A ?friend mapper?. You probably have to visit this site to understand,
at a glance, what it is.


Google Librarian Newsletter
The third issue is available.


Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems
An article in High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine.


Green Metropolis is a huge online bookstore.
All books sell for one low price of £3.75 and all standard paperbacks
include free delivery. They also pay £3.00 for every book you sell


The Spring issue of Highlights, the free newsletter from Inderscience,
is available.
Contents include details of new journal titles in agile systems,
electronic finance, green economics, etc, latest calls, a free article
on Research Trends in Information Systems and Change Management, and more.


IADIS WWW/Internet 2006 conference
Murcia, Spain, 5 to 8 October 2006
?The IADIS WWW/Internet 2006 conference aims to address the main
issues of concern within WWW/Internet. WWW and Internet had a huge
development in recent years. Aspects of concern are no longer just
technical anymore but other aspects have aroused. This conference aims
to cover both technological as well as non-technological issues
related to these developments. Main tracks have been identified (see
below). However innovative contributes that don?t fit into these areas
will also be considered since they might be of benefit to conference


IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal
This service is provided by the IFPMA, on behalf of its Member
Companies and Associations. The portal has been designed as a single
entry allowing you to search for comprehensive information on on-going
clinical trials (registry) or results of completed trials (database)
conducted by the innovative pharmaceutical industry.


Informatica is an open access international refereed journal with its
base in Europe. It publishes papers addressing all issues of interest
to computer professionals: from scientific and technical to
educational, commercial and industrial. It also publishes critical
examinations of existing publications, news about major practical
achievements and innovations in the computer and information industry,
as well as conference announcements and reports. Informatica is
published by the Slovenian Society Informatika.


Information Literacy Website
This website has been designed and developed by information
professionals from key UK organisations actively involved in the field
of information literacy.
The site will support practitioners by providing news, case studies,
examples of best practice and freely available toolkits. Their aim is
to provide a practical resource that information professionals
regularly visit to discover the latest developments in information literacy.


Information: Interactions and Impact
Preliminary announcement of a conference to be held at The Department
of Information Management, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK
in June 2007.


Institution of Engineering and Technology
A new institution formed in spring 2006 by the coming together of the
IEE and IIE. Aims to serve a global community engaged in engineering
and technology, providing a knowledge network accessible whenever or
wherever you choose.


International Journal of Internet Science
A peer reviewed open access journal for empirical findings,
methodology, and theory of social and behavioral science concerning
the Internet and its implications for individuals, social groups,
organizations, and society.


International Journal of Online Engineering
Open Access journal.
The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals,
applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering and
virtual instrumentation.


KCPR 2006
The First International Conference on Knowledge Communication and Peer
Reviewing: KCPR 2006, July 20-23, 2006 - Orlando, Florida, USA.


Landmarks for School
Landmarks for Schools is one of the earliest educational websites on
the Internet, Landmarks has served teachers since 1995 with links to
teaching and learning resources on the Net and valuable Web tools.
The latest edition to this site is the Shroud of Turin.


Lingo24 Articles
Lingo24, a translation company, has provided translation and foreign
language-related information ­ essentially a collection of articles
which may be of interest to academics, plus a Translation Industry
Career Guide for languages graduates, and some blogs about translation.


Low-Profile Regs You Don't Want to Miss: The Re-Use of Public Sector
Information Regulations 2005
An article by Sue Broughton in a recent issue of FreePint.


?The purpose of this site is to create the world?s leading
collaborative knowledge-base for the history of photography showing
significant vintage and contemporary photography?


Mailbase is a national service, providing electronic discussion lists
and information sharing facilities for all sectors.


Market Segmentation: A Guide to Sources of Information
Compiled by Ellen Terrell, Library of Congress, January 2005


Mtandao Afrika
Mtandao Afrika (MAf) Internet Challenge is a website contest for
African youth in the age of 12-19. The contest is focusing on the
creation of African web sites with African content and promotes the
use of African local languages.


Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services
The 5th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop.
Workshop at the 10th ECDL Conference, Alicante, Spain, September 21, 2006.


NewPR Wiki
This wiki is:
a repository of relevant information about how the PR practice is changing
a collaboration tool for PR professionals and people interested in the
practice of public relations
an open space where anyone can ask questions, post ideas, or start a project.
I saw this site mentioned in the excellent TFTTR.


Office for Disability
?On this website you can find out about the work of The Office for
Disability Issues and share your views with us.
The Office for Disability Issues will be the focal point within
government to coordinate disability policy across all departments.?


On the Horizon
On the Horizon is an international quarterly publication providing
analysis and comment on the future of post-secondary education. On the
Horizon provides a 'radar' service to key decision makers concerned
with post secondary education in its many and emerging forms, from
traditional institutions to corporate universities, from
private/for-profits to non-profits around the world. Our mission is to
inform educators about the challenges that they will face in a
changing world and the steps they can take to meet these challenges.


Oxford Distance Learning College
New site for this resource mentioned in issue 137.
Oxford Distance Learning College (ODL) is one of the leading distance
education providers in the United Kingdom.


PerX Pilot
This is a pilot subject-based cross-repository search tool for
resource discovery in engineering. It has been created to investigate
practical management and maintenance issues, and is not a
fully-supported service. However, it is freely available for use by
anyone, and PerX would very much appreciate feedback and opinions.
Anyone who provides feedback in the PerX 60 Second Survey will be
entered into a draw for £100 Amazon vouchers.


PRONOM is an on-line information system about data file formats and
their supporting software products. Originally developed to support
the accession and long-term preservation of electronic records held by
the National Archives, PRONOM is now being made available as a
resource for anyone requiring access to this type of information.


Publish or Perish - Self-Archive to Flourish: The Green Route to Open Access
An article in ERCIM News, by Stevan Harnad.
?Europe is losing almost 50% of the potential return on its research
investment until research funders and institutions mandate that all
research findings must be made freely accessible to all would-be
users, webwide.?


QA Focus Briefing Documents
A total of over 90 QA Focus Briefing Documents are currently
available. The documents provide brief, focused advice in the following areas:
Quality Assurance
Access (Web sites)
Service Deployment
Legal, IPR, etc.


Research Journal of International Studies
Research Journal of International Studies is available free of charge
as an Open Access journal on the Internet.


RLG News
The Spring 2006 issue is available.
RLG is a not-for-profit organization of over 150 research libraries,
archives, museums, and other cultural memory institutions.


ScienceDirect China Collection
The ScienceDirect China Collection is a series of prestigious Chinese
science, technology and medical journals never before disseminated
outside of China. The China Collection will continue to grow over the
years to form a rich and unique resource on ScienceDirect.
Free for review until the end of 2006.


SRU: Search/Retrieve via URL
SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) is a standard search protocol for
Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Common Query Language), a
standard query syntax for representing queries. SRW (Search Retrieve
Web Service) is a companion protocol to SRU. The Library of Congress
serves as the maintenance agency for these standards.


Structured Blogging
?Structured Blogging is all about giving bloggers the tools to create
and syndicate structured information, such as reviews and events. We
currently offer two Structured Blogging plugins for the popular
blogging platforms Movable Type and Wordpress. Using these plugins
makes it easy to create, edit, and maintain different kinds of posts.?


Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific
publication markets in Europe
A report from the European Commission.


TechXtra is a suite of ten freely available services which simplify
access to a multitude of different types of technology information
from a host of different sources.
TechXtra facilitates immediate access to the freely available
full-text content of hundreds of thousands of eprints, technical
reports, theses, articles, news items, job announcements and more. In
cases where the full-text is not freely available, TechXtra provides
links to venders for pay-per-view options.


This website contains Information, Tutorials, Whitepapers, News,
Latest trends in telecommunications, wireless, mobile, cellular,
technologies: GSM, CDMA, SS7, 3G, UMTS, Applications, wireless
networks, MVNO, VoIP, SIP, H.323, MGCP, Bluetooth, GPRS, WAP, EDGE, Mobile TV.


The Better World Report
Technology Transfer Stories: 25 Innovations That Changed the World.


The Wireless Event
17-18 May, London. The Wireless Event, now in its fourth year, is the
world's biggest wireless broadband show.


Thriving on change: The right stuff for resilience in an information career
An article in FreePint by Kim Dority.


Tubitak Scientific Journals
TÜBITAK publishes 12 peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed by
various international abstracts.

-------------------------------- is home to Housing Monthly Diary and Legal Update.
Online Archived editions are free to browse, as are the comprehensive
listings of Forthcoming Events and the popular Featured Websites section.


Visionary Design
From the National Library for the Blind.


Headquartered in the UK, with offices in London, Washington and
Johannesburg, Wavetrend is a world leader in the design, manufacture
and distribution of Active Ultra Long Range (ULR) Radio Frequency
Identification technology and solutions.
As part of Wavetrend?s strategy to form close links with world-class
academic institutes, Wavetrend is pleased to announce a strategic
relationship with Heriot Watt University.


Web 2.0 Awards
Arranged through SEOmoz, who provide companies around the world with
consulting, Internet marketing and search engine optimization services.


Windows Live Academic
Windows Live Academic is now in beta. It currently indexes content
related to computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and
related subject areas.
Academic search enables you to search for peer reviewed journal
articles contained in journal publisher portals and on the web in
locations like citeseer.
See Gary Price?s review of this new site.
See also the Blog.
Content sources are available.


Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal of Science: WISCI
The Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal of Science (WISCI) is a
student-run, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research
conducted by students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


Wwwtools for education
?wwwtools is designed to keep you informed and to save valuable time
in tracking down information and resources on the World Wide Web.
Each article is on a particular topic or issue related to Web-based
teaching and learning.?


Zetoc RSS
Zetoc RSS enables you to set up RSS feeds for journals in Zetoc. An
RSS button is provided for each individual journal.

--------------------------- 3. NICE WEB SITE --------------------------- In the course of finding sites of interest for this Newsletter, we sometimes come across Web sites which we feel deserve slightly more than a passing mention. Each month we will pick out one or more such sites, and give them a short review. The sites will normally be UK based, may be small or large, and be of interest or potential interest to academics. After lengthy discussions we have decided, with incredible creativity :-), to call these: Nice Web Sites. Details of previous Nice Web Sites are available in the Nice Web Site Archive.

NewPR Wiki
This is a collaborative site containing lots of interesting material
for anyone involved in marketing and public relations.

------------------------ 4. BLOGORAMA ------------------------ News about Blogs, RSS, etc:

You already know what blogs are, but for more information about RSS
see the Wikipedia or

The Internet Resources Newsletter has an RSS feed (essentially the
Table of Contents for each issue):

250+ PR/Comm-related blogs, wikis and podcasts, organized by country and topic

A way to use an iPod utility for syncing news feeds, weather
forecasts, movie showtimes, driving directions, lyrics, stock quotes
and more, and is now available for your PC.

Blogging advice from the Webmaster World conference

Feed Pile
A feed pile is your own collection of your favorite web sites and web logs.
fotr example, is a list of
sci-tech library blogs I tried to create via Feed Pile.

Selected interesting blogs and RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication
RSS Advisory Board announcements and RSS news

All My Eye
Provides a new channel for Ingenta to communicate product and
technical news to its customers across the information industry.

Society for International Affairs

Archives and expanded articles from Pro-Talk's newsletter for
industrial marketing managers.

Dialog RSS Feeds
"Today, Dialog is the worldwide leader in providing online-based
information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages
in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law."

The essenec of technology for library decision-makers.
"Roy Tennant started TechEssence to address the need for simple, easy
to understand information about information technology. He is lucky to
be joined by a stellar cast of individuals who contribute their unique
perspectives on technology and its appropriate place in library service"

Translation Industry News
From lingo24

Beat the Press
Dean Baker's commentary on economic reporting

2 Cents Worth
Thoughts about education, teaching and learning

Eclectic news and views on health informatics and elearning, by Rod
Ward & colleagues. UK bias but worldwide coverage.

Blog on library and information issues, focusing on news, current
awareness and reference, and New Zealand library news.

The LiveSerials blog is operated by the Marketing Committee of the
United Kingdom Serials Group (UKSG) and provides realtime coverage of
news from the information industry. The blog's inaugural purpose is to
provide coverage of the UKSG 2006 Annual Conference (Warwick
University, UK; 3-5 April 2006).

Windows Live Academic Search Blog

Digital sands

ISHUSH An Open Notebook for Excitable Librarians

I want to
How to do the things you want to do. Including many Web 2.0 applications.

Talis Developer Network - shared innovation

Stephen?s Web
Founded in 1995, Stephen?s Web is best described as a digital research
laboratory for innovation in the use of online media in education.
More than just a site about online learning, it is intended to
demonstrate new directions in the field for practitioners and enthusiasts.

JISC Digitisation Programme Blog

Trig Points of Skye
"I used to do Board Meetings and Audit Committees and watch PowerPoint
presentations. Now I do not."

-------------------------------- 4. PRESS RELEASES -------------------------------- **** IngentaConnect introduces Resource Zone for library administrators **** IngentaConnect, the home of scholarly research, is pleased to announce the launch of Resource Zone. This new area of the IngentaConnect website is designed to provide information and materials to support library administrators? usage of Ingenta?s flagship web service, which provides subscription and pay-per-view access to over 29,500 publications. The Resource Zone can be reached via the For Librarians menu on the IngentaConnect homepage, or accessed directly at

Full press release:

**** UnityUK goes live in the first library authorities ****

UnityUK, the next generation resource sharing and interlibrary loan
service from The Combined Regions (TCR), has gone live in the first
three library authorities to move onto the new system.  This
represents the first phase of libraries to migrate to UnityUK and
comes just six weeks after the announcement of the launch of the new service.

Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Oxfordshire have moved over to UnityUK
and are now using the service to search multiple library authority
catalogues, to identify the location of resources they want and to
manage interlibrary loan and resource sharing services for their customers.

The three authorities going live in phase one will be using the first
release of UnityUK. This release incorporates some 2.5 million
holdings records from seven library authorities loaded against the
bibliographic records within the LinkUK database.   Holdings
information from more libraries authorities will be incorporated into
UnityUK during April, in readiness for the existing UnityWeb data load
which is due to start in May 2006.

UnityUK is the latest generation of the established Unity service.
UnityUK will, for the first time, deliver a national network for
resource sharing for the UK as it brings together the union catalogues
of The Combined Regions and LinkUK.  The new service uses the latest
resource sharing technology from world leaders OCLC PICA
(incorporating FDI) who also host and manage the new service

For further information, contact:

Emily Haynes
Marketing Executive
Fretwell-Downing Informatics
Tel: +44 (0)114 281 6040

**** SAGE Rolls Out RSS Feeds for all Journals on SAGE Journals Online **** SAGE Publications have announced that all of its journals now offer tables of contents RSS feeds on the SAGE Journals Online platform located at .

SAGE Journals Online already provides advanced alerting services with
tables of contents, keyword, author and citation alerts available
alongside the new RSS option.

?We are excited to be able to provide the RSS feeds as over recent
months, RSS has rapidly become the online standard for information
aggregation,? said John Shaw, SAGE?s Director of Publishing
Technologies. ?SAGE is committed to assisting researchers and users by
offering the most flexible ways to access our content online. With RSS
aggregators like Feedster, Bloglines, etc, new users will easily be
able to locate SAGE?s journal content. Working closely with HighWire
Press, we have been able to quickly respond to the changing needs of
the marketplace.?

For more details, contact:

Simon Haggis
E-Products Marketing Manager
Sage Publications
1 Oliver's Yard
55, City Road
London EC1Y 1SP, UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7324 8500
Fax: +44 (0)20 7324 8600
Email: simon.haggis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Track the latest research in your subject with journal content alerts. Sign up at

Information about books, journals and special offers for your subject.
Sign up at
For more news items in business information products we recommend VIP:

---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. RECENT INTERNET BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mantex Information Design web site has reviews of some of the books mentioned in previous issues of the Internet Resources Newsletter.

Recent Arrivals

005.72 EBE
Wiki Web collaboration
By Anja Ebersbach, Markus Glaser and Richard Heigl
Springer, 2006

006.7 CAM
Web design garage
by Marc Campbell
Prentice Hall, 2005

025.04 BOA
The language of websites
by Mark Boardman
Routledge, 2005

A complete list of new books added to Heriot-Watt University Library
is available at:

--------------------------- 6. BOOK REVIEW -------------------------- The Google Legacy : How Google?s Internet Search is Transforming Application Software by Stephen E Arnold, Infonortics, Tetbury, England, 2005 Available in online PDF download version: US$180 or 145 euros.

Published by Infonortics Ltd, who specialise in texts for the
electronic information industry, The Google Legacy is written by
Stephen Arnold, an American consultant and established author with six
books on the Internet and related fields to his name.

Taking its title from its last chapter, this book is based on a series
of reports produced by the author in 2004. Arnold?s stated premise is
that a Google-type company is the logical heir apparent to Microsoft.
Based on Google?s technical reports, white papers and patents and from
discussions with Google observers, the book gives a wide-angled view
of Google and sets out the bigger picture for an organisation whose
business model is less than transparent.

The book offers eleven chapters covering Google?s first principles;
Google basics; Google technology; Google relevance ranking and search
engine optimization; Gmail and Google maps-true virtual applications;
Google clustering-news enhanced search; Google Print (now renamed Book
Search) and Scholar; Google-a new force in enterprise search; Google
APIs-netting developers; Google goes personal; and finally The Google Legacy.

Throughout, Arnold succeeds in making Google?s operational opacity
more transparent. The lists of Google patents, publishing and library
partners in the appendices complement this (although the barriers to
making these comprehensive and definitive are noted). The book is
written in an informal but informative style (with some use of
American parlance which may alienate some readers elsewhere).

Although technical in some areas, the Google Legacy is neither a
technical manual nor a practical guide to using Google. It is written
from the business angle and succeeds in setting Google in the context
of the wider industry. Google?s character and profile and its
strengths and weaknesses are discussed. The book?s focus is on Google
as an agent of change, and its relationship to competitors such as
Microsoft and Yahoo. It touches on Google?s impact on the publishing
and library sectors and discusses Google Print (now Book Search) and
Google Scholar, services which have been described elsewhere as
?potentially radical developments? for academic libraries (1).

Reading The Google Legacy will help readers make better informed
judgements on some issues surrounding Google. Although described as a
natural heir to the Microsoft dynasty, does Google see itself a
pretender to the throne? With regard to publishers and libraries, does
Google ?do no evil? as its motto suggests, or is it spreading
stealthily into the world of information using ?what looks familiar
but turns out to be a nasty threat (2)??

Throughout the book, perhaps with a degree of repetition, Arnold
stresses that Google is not just a search engine ­ but something much
bigger. He highlights Google?s diverse portfolio of products and
services (standing at fifty plus in 2005) and the fluid nature of
their development. In this sense, the book gives a useful insight into
the spread of the company?s interests. However, Arnold also provides
an insight in to what he suggests is Google?s ace - ?Googleplex?.
Arnold uses this term to refer to Google?s complete computer
infrastructure ­ a powerful, distributed system of data centres and
computing devices capable of high efficiency data processing.
Googleplex, he suggests is the computing platform which may allow
Google to succeed as the market develops.

The Google Legacy portrays Google as a company in the ascendant.
However, Arnold does discuss in some detail potential downfalls to its
future success - including future disintegration of the Internet and
an excess of Google ego.

However, even if failure becomes a reality for Google, Arnold suggests
that its model of ?distributed, parallelized network computing and
virtual applications? would live on as the ?next evolutionary phase in
computing systems and software? ­ the Google legacy.

1,2. McColl, J. Google Challenges for Academic Libraries. Accessed 12 th April 2006.

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