[nerdleague] Warriors of the Stone

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  • Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 21:48:00 -0800

On the day of the kings birthday, the King, saddened by the fact his wife
could not bear children, makes a pact with Nis, the Keeper of Souls, to have
a child. But the other end of the deal was on her eighteenth birthday the
child would serve the Keeper. Bound by the pact the Princess was given and
army of Lycan, werewolf breed who cannot control there ability to shape
shift back to human form, Werecats who were like the lycan, and the army of
Nis followers called the Seekers of the Stone. In her vicious campaign of
join or die mentality began to overtake the eastern kingdoms with the
western kingdoms across the Dragon Spine in her eyes. The western kingdoms
get word of this ever growing army and send forth five warriors in quest of
the god stone, a stone of creation given to her father by the gods which
contained five crystals of creation. The warriors fought vicariously towards
the palace of the Princess and in a violent struggle the stone fell from its
pedestal  shattering on the ground into five individual pieces. The warriors
swooped them up and faded from the world. The Princess became ill and fell
into a comatose  state as her minions of lycan and werecats faded into the
night were only the Seekers of the Stone left to protect the Princess'
body  till her hopeful resurrection.

Five hundred years later, an evil grows in the eastern kingdoms as word is
spread of an army amassing and heading in a blood sweep of the eastern
kingdoms killing and recruiting people as they went. With rumors flying
through the western regions of the revival of the Princess, the Council of
Seven, call forth five warriors in quest of the stones of creation, this
time to destroy them forever. Will they succeed or will the massive armies
cut thier search short?

Tell me what you guys think!

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