[nerdleague] Re: Travis got his ass beat :O

  • From: "Travis Webb" <webbwerx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nerdleague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:50:31 -0800

I am okay, I have a little brain damage that showed up later.  I have
some trouble understanding when people are tlaking and I forget what I
am doing.  The doctors say it was delayed by slow swelling of the
brain. But it should heal in time.  Probably about  6 weeks before I
can talk with out weird confised pauses.  They cut alot fo stuff out
of the interview because he kept having ot remind me that I was
tlaking then I am fine, then suddenly I have no idea why I am where I

The Marines that attaked me did it randomly, they were drunk and were
asked to leave a club they were at.  I was outside signing an
autograph and talking to some Airborne Rangers.   I think I walked
away, and some one said "Hey" and then punched me out.  I guess I
layed there out cold while they stomped on me with their boots.  Then
the airborn Rangers kicked them in the head and all hell broke loose.
They ran to their truck while gettign beat on I woke up and picked up
a rock and went to kill them . They hid in their truck.  I had never
seen them before, never even exchange a glance.   They picked me
becuase they had been trained to pick the most important person you
see and make a point.  Unfortuantly it was a very good choice because
I had nothing to do with it.

Anyways the driver contacted me and turned in his friends.  He said
they were rowdy becuase they had just got back from Iraq and were
looking to kick some ass when left.  In short they left the base to
jump a civilian to take out their frustrations.

Three marines stomping on an unconscience man is not the image I think
the Marine corp wants. Personally I hope they have a bad life from
this point on.  No one should ever leave their house excited to go
randomly pick some one and attempt to beat them to death.  Marine or

Anywasy I really like the one kid, we are hanging out later this week.
  ANd the rangers who very much saved my life are awsome they have
been coming over to take care of me since I can't leave.
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