[nerdleague] Re: Huh?

  • From: Dana Crist <syk_mfr_050@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <nerdleague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 18:48:27 -0800

Let me say this: I totally get and agree with the "no 'murder'" thing, which I 
agree, and did even then on the spot, is perfect for the genre. (Most of the 
games and characters I have played in the past were....quite the opposite, you 
might say, so it was kind of a fallback response.) If I seemed bummed at all, 
it was not about that, it was about the way my dice were rolling. I mean, think 
about it: I have a Colt .45 auto pointed at the back of a bad guy's head from 
about 1 inch away, I pull the trigger, and I ACTUALLY ROLL BAD ENOUGH TO MISS! 
LOL! You actually saved Jake Braddock's dignity a bit by giving him the option 
to pistolwhip the guy. (And take it from somebody who has been pistolwhipped in 
real life, that's plenty of hurtin' enough!)


I like this game a lot-a good way to get back in after not gaming for like 8 
years....I've actually been thinking about creating my own storyline and 
running a SotC game myself. This rocks!


-Slash....er, uh, Dana

From: aardvark892@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: nerdleague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ashesoforange@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [nerdleague] Huh?
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 17:43:59 -0700


First off, Andy, can you please add Dan (check the to box) to the nerdleague 

Okay.  Now, I'd like to point out something.  There's a lot of stuff going on 
that apparently I'm oblivious to with the group.  Andy, I didn't realize that 
something in your life had changed to where Sunday wasn't the best night for 
you.  On that point, I'm open for ANY night of the week to make the group stay 
cohesive.  If you felt like we were blowing you off for the scheduling changes, 
and if you felt any of that from me, I am CRAZY SORRY.  I must have missed the 
news and didn't realize the importance.

Our current Spirit of the Century game, as Andy put it, is Immense.  It's 
difficult to work with up to nine players (I can't wait until you join in, 
Brian, regardless of how many people play) and you've all been very cooperative 
with me in getting it done.  You've shown some incredible teamwork, ALL of you. 
 There was a point of contention last night, but I feel that the player (Dana) 
handled it VERY maturely, and the group handled it very teamwork-ily.

One person (Rick) has voted to play SotC again this coming weekend.  I'm 
flattered, and of course I'll run it if you guys want to, but I don't want to 
step on anyone's toes here.  Let the GM's speak out... Jim and Tim, what do YOU 
guys wanna do?  If the call to arms is towards SotC, by all means, I'm ready 
for Episode III at my house Sunday night (or any night the team wants).


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