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Hi All,
Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know we are still around.

I have been in touch with some people at Citrix HQ and they would like to
attend one of our future meetings to get feedback on the various products
Citrix offers.  I am hoping to schedule this for our September or October

Citrix Marketing just completed the case study I did at the Library here.
The press release is posted currently as the second link under news on the
home page of Citrix.com and the case study with my video is at:


Guess I am really famous now.  : )

In other Thin Client News...
If you havent checked out the new version 8 of the Citrix ICA Client yet you
are missing out on a sweet upgrade. It has been out since April and is
released as an MSI package that has PN, the PN agent and web client.
Have a look at:

Citrix iForum 2004 is right around the corner!  The event in Orlando Florida
will be held from October 4th to October 7th. If you have gone in previous
years you can get an Alumni discount of $200 off the conference fee. This
year they are boasting that there will be Hands-On 3 hour technical
workshops available to customers.
Get all the info at http://www.citrixiforum.com

Here is a cool utility for workstations that might help some of you along.
The story goes like this...we had the dilemma that the PC in our auditorium
and meeting rooms are used by staff, vendors or library customers.
I wanted a way to have the users IP change by whatever their logon name was.
Thus I could have a staff logon that got one IP and a vendor/customer logon
that got another.  The theory being that I then could control what each user
got via access lists or firewall by IP.   I could find no utility that did
this. (or even any mention of something like it)  I presented the idea to my
Windows 2000 list and Mark Lee of Wizbang software wrote a utility that is a
gina that does exactly what I want!  While you obviously can't put this on a
Citrix server..you CAN put it on a workstation to control what a user can
access.  This does have a lot of uses in a Citrix environment.
Check it out at:

(note who gets credit in the about screen displayed) <grin>

Brian Madden has posted a nifty download on his site.  He has created a
Visio Stencil Template file of Citrix Shapes.  This will certainly help
those of you who do design.  Check it out at:


Citrites may want to keep an eye on this technology called Facado coming out
of Malaysia:

Verizon and Citrix GoToMyPC  have a special offer for you if you use them:

If you are looking for a solution for controlling Scanners on your Citrix
Clients a company called RemoteScan now has the answer for you:

Aurema has updated their ArmTech for Citrix Product Designed to deliver
higher system utilization and increased reliability:

A new antivirus product that we just purchased for our network is called
Trend OfficeScan SMB (small to medium business)Client Server Suite. This
product is very reasonably priced per user and has a great web interface.
Users can download the software via a browser or it can be pushed out via an
admin interface to your workstations.  The first day on our network it found
hundreds of spyware programs out there for us. It works GREAT on Citrix
Servers! You can get a 30 day evaluation of the product at:

Finally, I wrote an article for my end users on utility to eliminate spyware
and malware and keeping your PC free of such nasties for nothing. This is a
good article to point your people to when for the 100th time you get asked
to help someone with ad popups on their home PC.

Phew...that was a lot...hope you stuck around for it all. We will see you
all at our next meeting on Septmber 13th!  Hope you are having a great

Jim Kenzig
North East Ohio Citrix Users Group

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