[NEOCUG] Interesting information on a few new products.

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 11:48:45 -0400

I just wanted to pass this great info on to the group.

Citrix on May 22nd, released Metaframe XP FR3, and Conferencing manager.
Check your MyCitrix area for download if you have it available.

Michael Monastario, President at WM Software wanted me to let you know he
has released their CPU enhancing product that they presented at our April
meeting under the name Relevos. You can download a demo from their website.
See the below press release about it.

One company we were not able to get in April was Appsense. They also have
released a new product called Appsense Optimizer.
This may be worth checking out if you have CPU Intensive apps.

I was also recently pointed out to a new free utility from TMurgent called
Launchit that you can use to clean up left over apps that won't close from a
Citrix session.  Get it at http://www.tmurgent.com/Products.htm

In other news HP has released a new built by HP from the ground up, (meaning
non-oem or not Wyse) thin client managed by Altiris at a $599 starting price
point see http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/thinclients/t5700/  I was
prebriefed on this model before it's release last week and have a demo
coming which I hope to display at a future meeting.

Look for the announcement about next weeks June 9th meeting in a day or so.
We have Citrix Consulting Services as one of our presenters so it should be
a very informative one. Also remember to check our website at
http://thethin.net/NEOCUG for the most up to date information.

I hope you find this information useful.

Jim Kenzig

WM Software introduces Relevos 1.1

Monitor and control terminal server-based computing CPU and Memory resources
June 2, 2003, Strongsville, OH ? WM Software has just released a new
product, Relevos, for controlling CPU
and memory resources for terminal server-based computing environments.
Relevos addresses the most critical issues concerning CPU usage and
application memory usage, namely,
application response times experienced by users. Relevos monitors server
processes and user applications, identifying
those that consume excessive CPU and memory resources. Then, by using a
patent-pending dynamically adjusting
adaptive algorithm, Relevos ensures no user consumes too many CPU cycles or
memory resources at the
expense of other users. Relevos can benefit terminal server-based computing
environment in many ways:

· Implements a ?server-responsiveness" insurance policy that ensures
server-based computing servers will always be
able to give users high response times and prevent any process from bringing
server performance down

· Automatically reduces the amount of allocated CPU time from any high usage

· Limits the amount of CPU any user can consume

· Prevents "runaway" processes from bringing the server down

· Enforces and be notified of per-process memory limits

· Effectively and transparently sets user processing thresholds to prevent
performance degradation

· Records the most active and highest memory usage applications

· Works with all versions of Windows Terminal Server (NT, 2000, 2003) and
optionally Citrix MetaFrame (1.8/XP)

· MMC-style interface to easily and quickly take a proactive role in server
and application performance management

Relevos is available for immediate purchase through the WM Software web
site. Pricing starts at $395 for one server license with one processor;
additional processor licenses are $95
each. Supported server platforms are Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition,
Windows 2000 Server with
Terminal Services, and Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services, Citrix
MetaFrame 1.8/XP (optional), and New
Moon Canaveral iQ (optional).

Visit www.wmsoftware.com and download a fully functioning
free 30-day evaluation of Relevos.

WM Software Corp
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