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Hi Ryan,

Hope that the new year brings health, wealth, and happiness and I assume that
by now the promotion has come in. If yes, congratulations and it was obviously
well deserved.

I have just come out of major dental surgery (7 total hours in the surgeon’s
chair), recovering well but on relatively soft food and will be on same for
quite a period of time. Sort of an enforced diet and have lost 8-10 pounds.

Very unsure about AEA this year and probably the topic was one for which I was
in the middle of the discussion. We’ll talk more. I will be on vacation from
the 25th through Feb.20th and will have e-mail contact.

All the best, JWA

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Back in November the Needs Assessment Topic Interest Group
<http://comm.eval.org/needsassessment/home> (or TIG) of the American
Evaluation Association (AEA) <http://www.eval.org/> met during the annual
evaluation conference. Though I was not able to attend this year, I was
excited to hear that the TIG has decided that the conference theme for 2016
will be "Integrating perspectives: needs assessment and assets capacity
building. While presentations related to other aspects of needs assessment
will be considered, the TIG will give preference to those conference proposals
that examine both the deficits and strengths in needs assessments when it comes
to balancing the two perspectives.

The TIG is also looking for volunteers to help organize one or more expert
panels to discuss the integration of deficit and asset approaches to needs
assessment. If you are interested, please email either Sonya
(sonya.hung@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) or me.

In 2016 the TIG will also be sponsoring a week of AEA365 blog postings (see
previous blogs: http://aea365.org/blog/?s=needs+assessment
<http://aea365.org/blog/?s=needs+assessment&submit=Go> &submit=Go). If you are
interested in writing a short blog posting please let Maurya
(Mwestmeiers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) know soon. The blog postings are short and focus
on practical tools and experience.

If you are not an AEA member, but are curious, we will of course be happy to
share all the presentations and any recordings after the conference next year.

Lastly, my interdisciplinary “what are needs” project has collected an
excellent set of readings on needs from varied disciplinary perspectives. If
you have not checked it out, you can find copies of all the articles at:


Ryan Watkins, Ph.D.
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