[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 332, March 7, 2014

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01.  TreeDBNotes
02.  Tinytask
03.  Rufus
04.  ER Wait Watcher
05.  Jumpshare
06.  Opternative

01. TREEDBNOTES stores notes and other information and has basic editing functions such as font, color, paragraph, and table.As a personal information manager it offers templates, styles, quick sentences, user variables, import/export functions, encryption, password protect, and more.
Download free at http://www.mytreedb.com/treedbnotes_free.html .

02. TINYTASK is an automatic recording/playback program and, at only 33 KB, is offered as an example of minimalist programming. There's no installer, no required files, and it doesn't affect your Registry or system folders. Download free at http://www.vtaskstudio.com/support.php .

03. RUFUS helps format and create bootable USB flash drives such as USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, etc. Download free at
http://rufus.akeo.ie/ .

04. ER WAIT WATCHER at http://projects.propublica.org/emergency/ provides the average emergency room waiting times for those ER nearest you, or another designated location, along with current travel time and percentage of patients who would recommend that hospital.

05. JUMPSHARE at https://jumpshare.com/ can open 200 files right inside the browser with a simple drag-and-drop, automatically converting them so
they can be viewed online.

06. OPTERNATIVE is the first online eye exam that writes you a prescription. The service charges you about $35, considerably less than the conventional eye exam, and it is looking to partner with eyeglass providers such as Lenscrafters so you can complete your purchase online. I'm a little uneasy on this one and not sure how the fitting will take place. You can read more at http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/25/do-i-need-glasses/ .

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