[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 325, November 20, 2013

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01.  Norascan
02.  Compress PDF
03.  9Desks
04.  Free Alarm Clock
05.  MailBigFile
06.  Cleanprint
07.  Solayo

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01. NORASCAN provides malware scanning without the need to reboot after installation. It works with other antimalware software, can scan in Safe mode, does dual scanning and in-the-cloud scanning, and updates signatures within one hour from the cloud. Download free at http://www.noralabs.com/ .

02. COMPRESS PDF. With a simple drag-and-drop, this free service at http://compress.smallpdf.com/ reduces the size of your PDF files in the clouds while still promising to maintain good quality.

03. 9DESKS permits you to have up to 9 virtual desktops containing better application management, theme support, passwords, and compatibility with third-party software. It promises fast switching via hot keys, customizable rules for starting applications, and support of all Windows versions. Download free at http://www.hexagora.com/en_dw_9desks.asp .

04. FREE ALARM CLOCK lets you set multiple one-time or repeating alarms and wake to reminder notes, several tones, It can wake you with MP3 music files from your library. It can wake your computer system from sleep mode as well and a portable version can run from a USB flash drive to take with you. Download free at http://freealarmclocksoftware.com/ .

05. MAILBIGFILE at http://free.mailbigfile.com/ lets you send up to 5 files with a maximum size 2 GB free. The pro account enables sending even larger files with more downloads, file tracking, permanent storage, download alerts, and support.

06. CLEANPRINT is a browser add-on that allows you to selectively edit Web pages before printing, so you can add a note, eliminate images, increase or decrease font size, and eliminate text to save ink and paper. It works on Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 2+, Safari 4+, iPad, and, with Flash installed, IE7+. Download free at http://www.formatdynamics.com/bookmarklets/ .

07. SOLAYO at http://solayo.com/landing searches for any music or video, plays it, and then collects it to your playlists.

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