[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 322, September 15, 2013

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01.  Deepsound
02.  Easy-Data Mediacenter
03.  Vikon
04.  Aros Magic Viewer
05.  Securely
06.  Fast Startup
07.  oCam

The Neat Net Tricks Forum recently contained tips on cleaning your PC; solutions for problems regarding Windows updates; copy-and-paste techniques; scams and security; email problems; and much more, including tons of tips and tweaks to improve your computer's performance. If you're not among the more than 700 registered users of the Forum, you're missing a valuable resource and it's FREE. Log in or register at http://neatnettricks.freeforums.net/ .

01. DEEPSOUND hides your secret data inside audio files, a technique known as steganography. Along with its obvious encrypting capabilities, the developers suggest this might be used to mark your copyrighted files. Download free at http://jpinsoft.net/DeepSound/ ,

02. EASY-DATA MEDIACENTER is yet another audio/video player. This one includes net radio, video converter/joiner and audio/video merger, slideshow, CD ripper, support of almost all known audio/video formats, screen capture to video, subtitle search, no external codex needed, and more. Download free at http://www.easy-data.no/ .

03. VIKON lets you create, open, and save files in RichText and plain text format along with other tools such as cut, copy, paste, change font name, size/emphasis, date/time, search and replace, text/background color, multiple tabs, multiple programming languages, etc. Download free at http://vikon.co.nr/ .

04. AROS MAGIC VIEWER. There are a lot of photo viewing programs on the Web, but this one claims speed, handling even high-resolution large photos "without breaking a sweat." Download free at http://www.arosmagic.com/Viewer/ .

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05. SECURELY promises to shred and delete your sensitive files with better-than-military technology. Download free at http://www.securely.co/ .

06. FAST STARTUP scans,monitors, and optimizes all Windows startup items, removes slow starters to speed up Windows boot, frees up available RAM, and lets you customize (add, edit, enable, disable) startup items. Download free at http://www.faststartup.net/ .

07. oCAM records video and audio from your entire monitor screen or selected areas, even large video formats over 4 GB, support dual monitors, allows scheduling and a variety opf sound recording, and more. Download free at http://ohsoft.net/products.php .


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