[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 313, May 6, 2013

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01.  Screenink
02.  Eagleget
03.  Datum Locker
04.  Cometdocs
05.  Clickymouse
06.  Orpalis PDF Reducer
07.  Resonic

01. SCREENINK lets you capture and annotate anything on the screen and features a capture tool, whiteboard, color picker, magnifier, and more. It will save captured files in BMP, JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats. Download free at http://www.swordsoft.idv.tw/screenink/ .

02. EAGLEGET offers to accelerate your downloads by up to six times and resume interrupted downloads, download videos from any Web site, and support multiple languages. Download free at http://www.eagleget.com/ .

03. DATUM LOCKER is both a password manager and secure storage for your data. During idle periods, it will lock the application under use and dock itself to the system tray. Download free at http://www.nullox.com/software/datum-locker/ .

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04. COMETDOCS converts between more than 50 file types, does OCR work on some image-to-text conversions, compares two different text or document files and returns the text lines where the documents are different. It will host documents for a limited time. The service at http://www.cometdocs.com/ is free for limited features, and there is a premium account if you need more.

05. CLICKYMOUSE is a macro program that lets you automate events by assigning them to mouse clicks and keys to accomplish what would otherwise require complex scripting. Download free at http://www.macrotoolworks.com/index.php/en/macro-automation-software/clickymouse-click-automation or purchase the Standard or Pro version for more features.

06. ORPALIS PDF REDUCER. PDF files are great but bulky. This application reduces PDF in size by compression, removing unwanted/unused objects such as annotations, form fields, bookmarks, etc., color detection and layout analysis, and more. It supports drag-and-drop and batch processing. Download free at http://www.orpalis.com/products/pdfreducer/pdfreducer-free.php .

07. RESONIC plays music files, sounds, and samples from your existing folders, and it promises speed and reliability. Download free at http://resonic.at/home .

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