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01.  SharpKeys
02.  Eraserdrop Portable
03.  Screenbird
04.  Instagrok
05.  HTTrack
06.  Skitch
07.  AllMyNotes

When you hear "Neat Net Tricks" you probably think of the newsletters that have been sent out without interruption for nearly 16 years. There's

the free version you're getting here, and the NNT Premium edition. Each is distributed twice monthly. But there's lots more to Neat Net Tricks

than that. Our Software Review Panel reports twice monthly in detail on a selected program and you should check in there at

http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/SoftwareReviews/splash.htm before you consider buying any software. These not only carry independent evaluations by

our Panel members, uninfluenced with ads (there are none), but comments from the software developer as well. Find all that in any other review

site on the Web!

If you're having computer problems or just a question or two about your PC or the Internet, the answers are waiting for you at the NNT Forum,

http://www.neatnettricks.freeforums.net . If you haven't signed up there, it, too is a free service. Don't pay big bucks for technical support

when the answer is as simple as going to our Forum.

So what's with all the free stuff, who pay's the bill? The answer is simple: the NNT Premium version. A subscription is just $12 per year and

you get no ads, a graphics-rich issue with lots of tips you don't see here in the freebie, plus software reviews, tekkie tips, neat Web sites,

full-length articles, and more. It comes to your email box twice per month and you get a warm and fuzzy feeling that you are making all the free

stuff possible. Subscribe now, just $12, at http://www.neatnettricks.com/store and if you aren't delighted with what you see, let me know and

I'll refund your money, no questions asked. And the free stuff will still be yours for the taking.

01. SHARPKEYS is a utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. Read what it will do - and not do

- before you download for free at http://sharpkeys.codeplex.com/ .

02. ERASERDROP PORTABLE gives you a floating desktop icon to which you can drop files and folders to erase them permanently so they cannot be

recovered. Download free at http://portableapps.com/apps/security/eraserdrop-portable .

03. SCREENBIRD at http://screenbird.com/ records video and audio, plays on any device, and records just a part of the screen or the entire

screen. The service is free but limited and there is a premium service for more recording time and unexpired videos.

04. INSTAGROK at http://www.instagrok.com/ lets you research topics and explore connections between concepts/facts on an interactive concept

map, which you can customize and share. Free accounts provide visual interface; key facts, quizzes, and glossary; search history; journal; and,

adjust expertise level.  There are paid versions with more features.

05. HTTRACK lets you download a Web site from the Internet to a local directory and keep all the HTML, images, and other files on your computer.

You can then browse the site and its links as if you were viewing it online. There are versions for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 as well as

Linux/Unix/BSD.  Download free at http://www.httrack.com/ .

06. SKITCH lets you visually highlight images. Download free at http://evernote.com/skitch/ .

07. ALLMYNOTES provides a tool, project manager, scheduler, address manager, access codes storage, and more. Download free at

http://allmynotes.vladonai.com/ .


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