[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 303, December 1, 2012

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01.  Trivia Plaza
02.  Easy Image Modifier
03.  Data Crow
04.  Flash Video Recorder
05.  Open With Enhanced
06.  USB-AV 2012
07.  Lost Photos

01.  TRIVIA PLAZA.  Pick your subject (there are lots of them) and see how well 
you do in the trivia quiz at http://www.triviaplaza.com/ . It requires no 
installation and is portable, meaning it can be used from any computer on a USB 

02.  EASY IMAGE MODIFER is an easy tool to resize, pad, rotate, flip, change 
format, add watermark texts, sort or rename images without having to use 
complicated editing programs. Download free at 
http://www.inspire-soft.net/software/easy-image-modifier .

03.  DATA CROW provides a huge database for cataloging all your collections and 
providing fast retrieval of information.  It;s available in multiple languages, 
is highly customizable, and retrieves information from Amazon and other 
services.  Download free at http://www.datacrow.net/index.html .

04.  FLASH VIDEO RECORDER helps you record video/audio messages with 
personalized effects.  Download free at http://www.freewaregadget.com/ .

* * * * *

Last week, Neat Net Tricks Premium readers learned a way to check those Web 
sites they visit to see if they're planting cookies; how to schedule running 
applications and other important things when their computer is unattended; and, 
how to easily get reminders of important upcoming events.  Other tips offered 
the fastest downloader to grab YouTube videos; a way to encrypt and backup 
Gmail accounts to the clouds; and, how to end the space hog of hibernation.  
Our feature article suggested why Microsoft spends millions to give away its 
browser.  This is just a tip of the iceberg and there's lots more in Issue 277. 
If you didn't get yours, be sure to subscribe at the NNT Store, 
http://www.neatnettricks.com/store . And, Santa, at just 50 cents an issue, a 
year's subscription makes a good stocking stuffer.

* * * * *

05.  OPEN WITH ENHANCED displays a dialog box whenever you click on an unknown 
file type.  It provides a list of the most popular applications to open the 
file, based on a constantly updated database. Download free at 
http://extensions.frieger.com/owdesc.php .

06.  USB-AV 2012 is antivirus software that, unlike other AV programs, exists 
peacefully with other antivirus applications.  It claims on of the largest 
databases, provides a full heuristic malware scan, daily updates, and free 24/7 
technical support.  Download free at http://www.antivirusforusb.com/ .

07.  LOST PHOTOS.  Search your gmail.com, yahoo.com (or yahoo.ca, yahoo.co.uk 
and other country-specific domain extensions), me.com, mac.com, aol.com, 
btinternet.com, charter.net, cox.net, att.net, xtra.co.nz, ymail.com or 
rocketmail.com email address, and any account routed through Google Apps for 
every photo you’ve ever sent or received.  Download free at 
http://lostphotosapp.com/ .
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