[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 300, October 29, 2012

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01.  Support Details
02.  Qustodio
03.  Followupthen
04.  Fraze.it
05.  jOrgan
06.  Jarte
07.  Roadkil's Scan Port

01.  SUPPORT DETAILS at http://supportdetails.com/ provides information about 
your system that helps you communi-
cate with technical support when you're experiencing problems.

02.  QUSTODIO is parental control software. Monitor and guide your kids 
wherever they go online; determine who your kids talk to and get instant alerts 
for suspicious activity; and, set limits on their online time.  This program 
promises that it is tamper-proof, no matter how technically advanced your kids 
are.  Download  free at http://qustodio.com/ .

03.  FOLLOWUPTHEN is a reminder service at http://www.followupthen.com/ . 
Simply forward the email you want to be reminded about to their service 
indicating in their email address when you want the reminder. The basic service 
is free, but there is a Premium service that will send SMS reminders to your 
mobile device, include attachments in the followup emails, allow aggregate 
multiple email addresses and customization, and manage followups online.

04.  FRAZE.IT at http://fraze.it/ promises to improve your language skills with 
the most advanced search engine for phrases on the Web. It has indexed more 
than 100 million phrases from top news writers, supports six languages, 
suggests words and phrases, provides search filters, and searches quotes by 
author, occupation, religion, and more.

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05.  jORGAN is a full-featured virtual organ. It runs on all major operating 
systems and offers
editing capabilities. Download free at http://jorgan.sourceforge.net/.

06.  JARTE is a word processor that's based on Microsoft's WordPad but offers 
much more in features. Download free at http://www.jarte.com/ .

07.  ROADKIL'S SCAN PORT scans for open ports. It reports which service the 
port is related to and if it's open, closed or filtered via a firewall. It's a 
useful utility for checking if your computer is secure from hacking attempts 
and only services you want to share are visible to other users via the network. 
Download free at http://www.roadkil.net/program.php?ProgramID=23 .

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