[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 299, October 5, 2012

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01.  EPrompter
02.  The Museum of Hoaxes
03.  The Final Curtain
04.  KBalertz
05.  Watch That Page
06.  Computer Profiler
07.  Sumatra PDF

01.  EPROMPTER retrieves email from up to 16 accounts ranging from AOL to
Yahoo and nearly everything in between.  Use it to compose, forward,
reply to messages, and schedule email updates.  It supports hyperlinks,
standard firewalls, and proxy servers. EPrompter features optional
notification screensaver and audio prompt alerts when email is received. The
setup is a breeze.  It's a free download at http://www.eprompter.com

02.  THE MUSEUM OF HOAXES. We've seen lots of sites devoted to dispelling
hoaxes and myths rampant on the Internet, but none as comprehensive as
The Museum of Hoaxes at http://www.museumofhoaxes.com. This site is nicely
organized into centuries, half centuries, and shorter periods.  It
contains famous April Fools Day gags, latest hoaxes making news, hoax
pictures including the famous one "reportedly" from atop the World Trade
Center, and even a test to see how gullible you are.  This one should
definitely be on the list of required reading before you forward that next
interesting - and so believable - anecdote.

03.  THE FINAL CURTAIN.  Speaking of hoaxes, the one at
http://www.finalcurtain.com had a lot of folks fooled in 1998. We expected
park-like theme cemeteries to "attract visitors beyond just the friends and families
of the deceased."  The idea behind this venture was that death need not be
boring and cemeteries should offer restaurants, museum gift shops, and
custom-designed grave sites, such as the one with a 10'x10' dance floor and
jukebox. There was even a time-share option under which the dearly
departed's remains could be shipped from one Final Curtain cemetery to
another. It was all an elaborate hoax, but one that attracted widespread media

04.  KBALERTZ.  The free service at http://www.kbalertz.com allows you to
select all software you are interested in keeping updated.  Then,
whenever Microsoft issues new support or knowledge base articles, Kbalertz
notifies you by email.

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05.  WATCH THAT PAGE is a service that enables you to collect new
information from many pages on the Internet. You select the pages to
monitor,and WatchThatPage finds which pages have changed, and what the new content
is. This information is collected and presented to you in an email
and/or a personal web page. The free service is available at
http://www.watchThatPage.com .

06. COMPUTER PROFILER.  Similar to Belarc Advisor, Computer Profiler is  an
excellent piece of software that tells you at a glance what hardware,
peripherals, and software you're running on your system.  It's at
http://www.karenware.com/powertools/ptprofiler.asp and it promises more than
200 interesting facts about your computer. Computer Profiler allows display
of details about your CPU, memory, operating system, and your computer's
power source.

07.  SUMATRA PDF offers a free open source viewer for PDF documents. It is
portable and can be run from an external USB drive, it is small, fast, and
free at http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/ .

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