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01.  Reference Desk
02.  Word Detective
03.  Eliza
04.  Time Cave
05.  WayBack Machine
06.  Personality Tests
07.  Language Identifier

A few "golden oldies" from the 8,000-tip archives of Neat Net Tricks. Enjoy!

01. REFERENCE DESK. Tons of information at http://www.refdesk.com/facts.html where you can choose topics from Atlas - Maps, Biography / Who’s Who, Dictionaries, Electronic Texts, Encyclopedias, Genealogy, Government, History, Internet, Law, Libraries, Miscellaneous, Phone Book, Population, Postal, Science, Thesaurus, Time - Date, Weights - Measurements, World Religions, and WWW Virtual Library. Worth bookmarking!

02. WORD DETECTIVE. If you love words or wonder how some of our language came into being, you’ll enjoy http://www.word-detective.com/ .

03. ELIZA. In the old Eliza program, our first experience with a bit of artificial intelligence, we asked whatever questions we would like and Eliza more or less(?) responded. She's back, at http://www-ai.ijs.si/eliza-cgi-bin/eliza_script .

04. TIME CAVE. A free service at http://www.timecave.com/ allows you to compose email and program a future time and date for sending it. You can use the service to send reminders to yourself as well.

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These and 16 more issues (total of 24) over the next year as just a part of your Premium subscription for just $12 at the NNT Store, http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/store .

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05. WAYBACK MACHINE. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has archived 10+ billion pages of Web content dating all the way back to the "good old days" of 1996. If you'd like to see how your Web site or some other Web site looked in the earlier years of the Internet, they are only a couple of clicks away at http://www.archive.org/index.html .

06. PERSONALITY TESTS. Discover yourself with the large database of resources and personality tests at http://www.spods.net/personality . This is a free service and if you choose to register (also free) you get more access to the features provided, including the ability to save test results and compare them with later ones.

07. LANGUAGE IDENTIFIER. There are many services on the Internet that will make a modest attempt to interpret various languages; but, the Lextek Language Identifier at http://www.lextek.com/langid/li/ identifies the language from a long list, promises to add more, and. in fact, even add a custom language model if you need it. Simply copy and paste the language in the text window for quick identification. The program is a free download.

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