[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 291, June 18, 2012

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1.  Wonderputt
2.  7-Zip
3.  Anti-Twin
4.  ControlC
5.  GoGet
6.  Take Me Back To
7.  Right Click Shortcuts Creator

1. WONDERPUTT. It's been a while since NNT has featured a game, so take a break and play a game of golf on a
rather unusual course at http://www.dampgnat.com/wonderputt .

2. 7-ZIP turns off your notebook screen display when it's not needed, e.g., when you're listening to music, thus extending your battery life. Download free at http://www.redmondpie.com/turn-off-your-notebook-lcd-with-one-
click/ .

3. ANTI-TWIN searches for identical or similar file names, does a byte-by-byte comparison of files\, and compares pixels to search for similar images. Download free at http://www.joerg-rosenthal.com/en/antitwin/ .

4. CONTROLC saves your clipboard history and lets you access it from your browser. Download free at
http://controlc.com/index.htm .

* * * *

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5. GOGET. Particularly useful if you have a large hard drive that's become cluttered with many unorganized files scattered throughout. With this application, you tell what you're looking for (music, images, documents, etc.) and where to search, then where to copy them. Searches commonly used can be saved and retrieved as templates. Another feature is planned in a future revision, to delete files GoGet finds. Download free at
http://www.sdsoftware.org/software/goget/ .

6. TAKE ME BACK TO. Enter the date of your choice and see what was happening then at http://takemeback.to/ .

7. RIGHT CLICK SHORTCUTS CREATOR lets you add files or folders to the right click context menu. Download free at http://www.rbsoft.org/right-click-shortcuts-creator.html .

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