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01.  Flashnotes
02.  RarmaRadio
03.  SnapCrab
04.  JPG to PDF Converter
05.  Hardwipe
06.  WebVideoFetcher
07.  Famulus

We are all very impatient and we're made more so by our computers. We measure time now in nanoseconds and when we look for something, we expect our computers to deliver without hesitation. Unfortunately, that's often not what we get, but I've found a nifty little program that searches and displays what I'm looking for in the blink of an eye. Read about it in Neat Net Trick's latest special report at http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs065/1101458487892/archive/1109847777605.html . Then try the program for free. If you decide, as did our Software Review Panel, that it's something you and your computer can't live without, you can get it at a special price. But, shhhhhhh, that's only for Neat Net Tricks readers and for a very limited time.

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01. FLASHNOTES is a quick notes manager, used to create rough notes with the touch of a hotkey combination. Download free at http://softvoile.com/flashnote/ .

02. RARMARADIO receives and records thousands of radio stations on the Internet. Multiple stations can be listened to and recorded simulatenously, recording can be scheduled for a later time, and cover and lyrics for each song are displayed. Download free at http://www.raimersoft.com/rarmaradio.aspx .

03. SNAPCRAB is photo capture software that captures any part or all of your screen, saves files in PNG format, and connects with Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote to share captured images if you wish. Download free at http://www.fenrir-inc.com/us/snapcrab/ .

04. JPG TO PDF CONVERTER is a free online service at http://www.convert-jpg-to-pdf.net/ . It resizes your JPG images, adjusts the PDF page size and margins, and converts images in a few seconds with a click of a button.

* * * * *

Premium subscribers read about these free programs in the latest issue: An application with which you can listen to YouTube streams and playlists without any download or browser; locate and launch programs, schedule tasks, and create hotkeys; easily backup folders and files from one drive to another whenever you desire; apply tags to documents so you can scan, retrieve, and share them as a virtual copy; search for the best gas prices; erase traces of USB-connected drives and CD ROMs from the Registry; find hundreds of free movies online; determine how safe a drug is; create and convert icons; and more, including entertaining sites to visit, mini-reviews, and our feature about the good and bad of passwords. Sounds like you're missing out? Fix that today for just $12 to get the latest issue and 23 more equally informative ones over the next 12 months at http://www.neatnettricks.com/store .

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05. HARDWIPE can wipe entire drives, wipe files individually, and sanitize unused drive space on disk, USB drives, memory sticks, etc., to prevent recovery of personal or sensitive data. Download free at http://www.hardwipe.com/ .

06. WEBVIDEOFETCHER is a free service at http://webvideofetcher.com/ . Enter a video's URL and this application grabs it and converts it to realtime and your chosen format so that you can download the file.

07. FAMULUS is a simple file and application launcher. Press and hold the numpad * key for a fraction of a second to bring up a text prompt. Type predefined custom commands into the prompt and hit the Enter key to run an associated file, folder, application or Web site. Download free at http://crzyinc.weebly.com/famulus.html .


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