[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 284, March 17, 2012

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01.  ImageGlass
02.  JPEGemini
03.  Fixbee
04.  Shutdown Agent
05.  Typertask
06.  BRAM
07.  Collector Notepad

01. IMAGEGLASS takes the place of Photo Viewer in Windows 7 and Vista and overcomes difficulties in displaying PNG and GIF file. It resizes/reorients image in the main display and promises to load images faster than Photo Viewer because it uses RAM to preload the next image. Download free at http://imageglass.codeplex.com/ .

02. JPEGMINI at http://www.jpegmini.com/main/homereduces the size of your photos by as much as five times while keeping the original's quality.

03. FIXBEE offers to clean and repair your hard drive errors, remove junk files that slow down your computer, speed up startup and slowdown times, and improve overall system performance. This one works OK although claims such as these are often exaggerated. Just be sure you uncheck the installation of Searchqu during installation to avoid installing unwanted software. Download free at http://fixbee.com/index.html .

04. SHUTDOWN AGENT offers an automated way to shut down your computer, with a range of customizable options. Download free at http://www.jordanmoore.co.uk/examples/VB/shutDownAgent.html#.T2A9bG1FnO9 .

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Premium subscribers read about these neat tips in the latest issue: Save URLs and other info about sites you visit with just a click of the button; clip content of visited sites, organize these snips, and share them in real time; see what is under windows by making them translucent; open, create, and print any PDF file, even view it in 3D; defrag files without having to defrag the entire drive; try a spooky site that lets you spy on your neighbors; retouch images with simple and advanced adjustments with a wide range of filters; monitor current speeds and view traffic statistics; develop disposable email addresses to guard against spam; play and discover new podcasts, Internet radio, and music; store information with industrial-strength encryption; have a service read content to you on your computer and Android/IOS devices; and, much more, to include mini-reviews, intriguing Web sites, and our feature that asks "Is Google Search destroying our memory?" and wonders what the heck is going on in school these days.

If you missed out, you can get this issue and 23 more over the next year for just $ 12 at http://www.neatnettricks.com/store . And, you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling for having helped continue this free edition and other services of Neat Net Tricks.

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05. TYPERTASK can be used to instantly type common phrases, launch programs, activate windows, and other tasks. No installation is required. Download free at http://www.vtaskstudio.com/support.php#tools .

06. BRAM is short for Batch Renamer and Mover. It will rename a group of files or folders, and, if desired, move or copy them to a different location. Download free at http://bkprograms.weebly.com/bram.html .

07. COLLECTOR NOTEPAD is a simple cataloging program for whatever you might collect. It stores up to three photographs, title, date of acquirement, and description. Data can be sorted. Download free at http://www.collectornotepad.com/ .

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