[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 274, October 11, 2011

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01.  Nicecopier
02.  Mo-Search
03.  Right Click Enhancer
04.  Green Free Video Converter
05.  Stuff Organizer
06.  Draw A Stick Man
07.  Virtuawin
08.  Win-Disk
09.  TV-Tube

01. NICECOPIER replaces the Windows Explorer file copy and allows pausing and resuming. It calculates the best copy speed and is a free download at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/nicecopier/ .

02. MO-SEARCH for Windows XP and later is a fast file search and indexing that supports overhead Autoindex and AutoUpdate. Download free at
http://www.meauxsoft.com/21701/index.html .

03. RIGHT CLICK ENHANCER lets you edit the right click menu any way you wish. You can hide unwanted entries or delete them or move entries to cascading menus, menus, tweak the options, add files and folders, and more. Download free at http://rbsoft.weebly.com/ .

04. GREEN FREE VIDEO CONVERTER supports more than 200 audio and video formats and rapidly converts them to the most popular media formats, along with adjusting video/audio bitrate, frame rate, and resolution, and retaining subtitles. Download free at http://freevideoconverter.us/ .

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Read about all these neat programs in the current issue of Neat Net Tricks Premium: An application that corrects photo defects, organizes and stores photos, and creates 3D pictures, contact sheets, calendars, greeting cards, and more; a utility that tests and diagnoses hard drive or media failures and sends reports by email; a Firefox add-on to search popular Web sites for designated text; a face recognition software to log you on your system; another that places a portable and bootable version of Linux on a USB stick; desktop management software that organizes icons, files, Web links, etc., automatically or manually; security software that protects against Internet-based threats; an application that creates hidden storage areas on hard drive or external media, invisible until a password is entered; a Web-based word processor; a reminder with to-do lists and pop-up notification messages; a program that hides and locks folders with a password; another that removes unwanted characters from text; and more, including the concluding feature of
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05. STUFF ORGANIZER. As the name implies, this application lets you keep tabs on thousands of items in your collection, whatever it is. It can unpack from compressed files such as .zip, and clean up unnecessary files afterwards, allows for filtering and sorting, tagging, drag-and-drop, sorting to multi-level categories, and more. Download free at http://stufforganizer.sourceforge.net/ .

06. DRAW A STICK MAN. It's rather juvenile and a time waster, but it's fascinating how they do this stuff at http://www.drawastickman.com/ .

07. VIRTUAWIN is a virtual desktop manager that lets you organize applications over several desktops, as many as 9. Download free at
http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/ .

08. WINDISK promises to clean your files, folders, and disks on a schedule you set or whenever you call it up, to restore your computer "so it feels like
new again." Download free at http://www.windisk.com/p/products/home .

09. TV-TUBE covers more than 2,000 online TV channels worldwide. No registration or download is required but in use, I found this service somewhat problematic. Navigating the site is difficult because of the excessive advertising and links to other sites. Most of the available channels are foreign and will hold little interest unless you are multilingual. Finally, I found, at least on my system, that premium channels such as HBO and Showtime were, in fact, available on the site and free; however, they required downloading viewers such as MPlayer that may or may not be available on your computer. Your results, of course, may vary, and you can check TV-Tube out at http://www.tv-tube.tv/ .


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