[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 272, September 20, 2011

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01.  Free Resume Builder
02.  nSpaces
03.  Lightshot
04.  AutoClipX
05.  Window Menu Plus
06.  Word Shortcuts
07.  Sundance
08.  Extended Screenshot
09.  iConvert

01. FREE RESUME BUILDER. Looking for a job? Create your resume, print or download it, share it via social networks, and (maybe) receive job offers using the free service at http://www.resumebaking.com/ .

02. nSPACES. Create multiple desktops on your computer, open different applications on each separate virtual desktop, change wallpaper, protect your spaces with passwords, design hotkeys for everything, and more. Download free at http://www.bytesignals.com/nspaces/ .

03. LIGHTSHOT lets you select any area on your desktop and do a screenshot in two clicks. Upload screenshots to get a Web link, and edit them with an online editor. Download free at http://lightshot.skillbrains.com/ .

04. AUTOCLIPX automatically copies selected objects to the clipboard and pastes them with a single click. Download free at http://12bytes.org/software/autoclipx .

* * * *

If you're looking for more neat stuff, consider what the current issue of NNT Premium offers:

An audio player that searches free tracks from open sources and lets you start listening and downloading within seconds; a task organizer to replace Post-it notes and paper lists and works on PC, Mac, mobile, and iPad; a way to shrink your Office and PDF files while retaining their original format; a application to sync all your writing between your work, home, and portable devices; the biggest database of online TV channels in the world; a flexible text and image editor with multiple editing boxes, unique layout, 3D zoom, and color effects that works with Windows or Mac; a program that helps you save system memory and resources by disabling unnecessary startup configurations; another that downloads and saves multiple video clips; still another that helps you organize ideas, plan projects, and connect pieces of information into online visual free-style maps; software that extracts and converts audio tracks from video files without loss of sound quality; a program that monitors and displays all hard drive activity; free genealogy software; a way to hide Windows updates you'll never need; and more, to include a mini-review and a feature article about a rip-off that you may be unaware of.

This is just one issue and you'll get this one and 23 more by subscribing to NNT Premium for just $12 at the NNT Store, http://www.neatnettricks.com/store.

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05. WINDOW MENU PLUS adds useful selections to the menu you can access by right-clicking any window's title bar or taskbar button. It also lets you configure it by not showing menus you don't use. Download free at http://www.moo0.com/?top=http://www.moo0.com/software/WindowMenuPlus/ .

06. WORD SHORTCUTS. You say you're still using Microsoft Word? Then, every shortcut you might ever need is at https://docs.google.com/a/lifehacker.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B-rQ-1EcaNVWYjQ5YTJiOWMtNmJlNy00OWNjLWIzYTMtY2VkMjZhYzljMzA0&hl=en_US . 07. SUNDANCE is a simple alternative Web browser. It is fast because it has a clean user interface without address bar and a lot of the fluff that slows other browsers. Download free at http://www.digola.com/ .

08. EXTENDED SCREENSHOT. Capture a full screen or part screen screenshot, edit it, upload it to IM/chat, forums, blogs, social networks, or otherwise share its link, and save it to file in PNG or JPEG format, all in a couple of clicks. Download free at http://xscreenshot.com/ .

09. iCONVERT at http://iconverticons.com/ converts any common icon or image into an icon specifically for your platform; thus, you can convert Windows icons to Mac OSX icons, SVG icons to Windows icons, PNG icons to Mac OS X ions, JPG images to Windows icons, and more.

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